The Mystery of the Missing Sudoku Masters

Solve the puzzles and solve the crime. For the legions of Sudoku fans everywhere, THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING SUDOKU MASTERS blends the suspense of a murder mystery with the fascination of Sudoku itself. Beside immersing themselves in a story of genius, revenge, and redemption, readers of this timely and highly marketable mystery can match their Sudoku wits with the experts in a race against time More

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About Steve Zio

Steve Zio is the pen name for Steve Ziolkowski (if people can't spell, pronounce it, or remember it - believe me, you need a pen name).

Steve was born in Montreal and was educated in Quebec, Ontario, the UK, and the US. He has a BA in Literature & Linguistics, and an MA in TESOL. He's also lived in Japan and Taiwan and hopes to live somewhere else before it's too late.

Writing, photography, playing and recording original music, traveling, and sailing are his passions. He currently resides in Sidney, BC with his wife and son and makes his living as a writer, publisher, educational consultant, translator, narrator, investor, and Steve-of-all-trades.

Steve is a published novelist (Hot Springs, one of the world's first interactive novels), and he's has written, co-written, or edited over 25 textbooks and children's books. As an author he is represented by the Robert Lecker Agency.
He is the former Managing Director for Oxford University Press (Japan) in charge of East Asia and Steve is now Managing Director of TransPac Education Services, based near Victoria, BC. Finally, he also sits (but not lies) on the boards of a Japanese PR company, Struggling Artists International, KK, and a US software company, Minapsys.

He has also written for magazines and newspapers in Canada, Japan, and Taiwan, and his photos have appeared in many of the same publications as well as online and in ads and brochures.

You can contact him here. Thanks for reading this.

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