Never Assume

Mr Griffs and his neighbour, Steve Moran, rarely see eye to eye. In Never Assume, their long-standing rivalry escalates when Steve accuses Mr Griffs of digging holes in his garden. In response, Mr Griffs uses his wife’s spicy nuts to get back at him. The tension increases as they both continue to assume the worst in each other. Absurd and quirky, this is just a typical day in the life of Mr Griffs More
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About Keren Joseph

Jonathan and Keren Joseph are a brother and sister team from Sydney, Australia. They are the authors of The Absurd Tales of Mr Griffs - a series of short stories.

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About the Series: The Absurd Tales of Mr Griffs
The Absurd Tales of Mr Griffs is a series of short stories.

Rather than being heavy on morals, the series exaggerates reality and is whimsical and quirky. It’s all about the irony of life because, let’s face it, it’s more fun this way.

Mr Griffs, as a character is extremely logical, though he tends to think outside the box. And yet, somehow, his approach to life always seems to get him into trouble. Whether Mr Griffs is creating his own line of tea blends, chasing wild bush turkeys off his property or getting revenge on his pretentious neighbor, the stories will keep you entertained.

There is no predicting what Mr Griffs will do next.

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