Passages of Our Broken Hearts (Volume 1)

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When poetry meets heartbreak,Passages of Our Broken Hearts is born and life changing. Gain introductory advice on how to move on from your past relationship and read 32 astounding passages from Author Phillip Singer guaranteed to take a story right out of your life's own book. Read 10 passages from his followers as well. Get your questions answered in the Frequently Asked Question section as well. More
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About Phillip Singer

Some of you may know me if you're an avid follower of BreakingUp2BreakingOut on Facebook. For those who do not, here is my personal introduction. My name is Phil, I am a male. Yes it's true. A guy that knows about feelings, as crazy as it sounds.As of today, I am 27 years old, and currently living in the state of New Jersey in the United States. I have been dating since around the 7th grade, which should equate to around 12 years old here in United States. Sounds young right? I’ll go ahead and agree with you on that one. I grew up in the time that the internet was just coming to its real beginnings with America Online, also known as A.O.L. I would even talk to girls in chat rooms and through AIM instant messaging.Throughout my life, I would try and talk to girls whenever or wherever I could. Whether at school, events, social gatherings,online, clubs, bars, all throughout my life until current day. So I have heard my fair share of stories from women throughout my years, and have had my fair share of experiences with them also. Some more pleasant than others, but most importantly, all a learning experience.

Over time, you start to piece together all of these facts or implications that you have learned, and bring it into your next relationship. Sometimes this happens without you even noticing. The first time I fell in love was around 19 and had been with my girlfriend around 8 months. I was attached to this girl so disgustingly much I couldn't imagine functioning without her. After around 8 months, my clingyness finally reached her breaking point, and she sent me a text message at around 7:15am that said “ I can't do this anymore.” I called her, she didn't answer. I texted her,no answer. I drove to her house and knocked on her door,no answer. This was the first time my heart was broken. From there I was in and out of relationships for a few years, with my longest only being two years. Then after having a bad experience of liking a girl who didn't like me as much,she deserted me with no notice and I was completely lost. Lost to the point I google searched “ How to meet girls”. Since that point, at around 24 years old, I discovered self development material and also relationship material. I found it in books and on YouTube everywhere.I was obsessed with it. I made the decision to implement all this material into my life and into my relationship with women. If you're a woman reading this, you can do the same with men of course also. I noticed a huge improvement in my life and outlook on life in general. I extremely encourage you to look into self development and dive into as much free material online that you can find from many different teachers. So at that time I was single and just being friends with benefits ( yes I know, being naughty) with girls here and there and my close friends knew that I was pretty good with women (in the most non conceited way possible) My guy coworker was talking to me about girls one day at my job and had explained that he hasn't been with a girl in over 3 years. “Been with” here meaning a relationship or even a kiss or more. He started going on about how he still couldn't get over his ex girlfriend which was his last relationship. So I started giving him some advice. Then I started thinking about how when I needed help with women, there was a place for me to go or material to at least look at. It was a shame that this guy doesn't have a place to go, or someone to talk to. I have always been that guy that girls come to for advice when their boyfriend says this or did that. I have always been the guy that girls vent to about their relationships. They tell me how they feel and they ask me for my opinion. So I have always tried to give people my true opinion on their situation and my opinion also as a guy. When I needed advice on girls, people would be there for me also. So it dawned on me when my coworker asked me for advice that day. Once I was done giving him advice when I was talking to him he says “ man I should write this down.” So I thought the same exact thing. I knew if I could just put my opinion or some advice out there to help a few people, then it would all be worth it. This is how BreakingUp2BreakingOut was born.

I thought about the idea for a few days, and then made a new Facebook business account titled BreakingUp2BreakingOut on July 20th, 2015. I had previous experience promoting a concert event that was held in New Jersey before on Facebook, so I was already familiar with how to promote the page and posts. I created a few posts and received amazing feedback,messages, and comments. I have been messaged from people seeking advice daily. If it was not for so much engagement and positive feedback from fans of the page, I would have most likely given up. I reached 50,000 followers January 15th, 2016, which is around 6 months time, which to me, was unbelievable. It was unbelievable that I would make posts and so many people would respond “ I can relate to this” or “ I’m going through the exact same thing” or “ You took the words right of my mouth.” It makes people realize that their situation is more prevalent than they ever would have thought.


Review by: Alecsandra Grey on July 8, 2018 :
It is amazingly insane how somebody from the opposite sex could relate to us women as some men could not be very vocal of their feelings. This book will walk you through the entire process of breaking up to letting go, moving on, and starting all over again. Definitely worth the read!
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Review by: nylana huntress on May 15, 2016 :
this book is so amazing it will help you to heal
your broken heart give an advice about your
relationship helping you to move on its worth to
read im looking forward for vol 2
(review of free book)
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