The Witnessing of Matlyn Wren

When Baker became an Omen, death became his world. Each word brought them closer to the end, and he had no choice but to Witness.
"A hundred years of service. A hundred years of Witnessing death you will write their histories. The key to your salvation will be born in pain and written upon your skin." More

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About Jennifer Lynn January

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, the City of Roses, though why they call it that I don't really know. It's hardly abundant in the rose department. And it surely doesn't smell like a rose. Currently, me and mutt sassy mutt are sucking up space in London, Ontario. It smells slightly better, but the traffic is heinous.

I kind of really dislike cats (sorry cat lovers). They're sneaky little creatures, and I'm fairly certain they are planning to overthrow the human race.

When my head isn't in the clouds dreaming up people that don't exist, I'm carrying out my day-to-day in the human services field.

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