Asylum of the Ancient Ones

Not long ago, some extremely devoted H.P. Lovecraft fans called themselves the H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum, and soon some became many. Eventually they crafted a unique anthology from poets, authors, and artists. Editor/contributor Dawn M. Matthews wove them into one cohesive story that takes place in an asylum. The tales are told by the patients. You WILL fear the Ancient Ones…. More

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About H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum

The H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum
The H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum began as a group of friends on Facebook. We all shared a love for the writings of the author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. If you have never heard of him, he was born August 20, 1890 and died March 15, 1937. He was a pioneer in the horror genre, and his influence on books and movies continues to grow. While he was once a fairly unknown author, his fan base has grown to the point that he’s almost mainstream now. I think he would be pretty amazed at the effect his writing has had on literature and films. For me personally, his writings have affected my mind more than anything else. I tend to have crazy dreams every time I read his stories. If you have never read his work, and are a lover of horror/sci-fi/fantasy genres, you should look him up. There is a great website where you can find his work:
Our little band of friends started a Facebook group, which we ended up making a bit more exclusive to keep drama out of the group. I have used the names and personalities of the members in our original group (with their permission, of course) throughout the book. They are the staff members and special patients. They are where all this began, and we thank our friends in the Miskatonic group for helping to inspire this book. A special thanks to our group admins: Samantha Louise and Jason Olinski, who help run our asylum.
We then created a second Facebook group called The H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum, which we created right after we got the idea to do this book. The H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum is made up of three friends: Dawn M. Matthews, Chris Reynolds, and George P. Flick.

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Dawn M. Matthews
Dawn M. Matthews was born in southern California, but her dad was in the Navy, so she didn’t stay long. She grew up moving regularly, which inspired a love for travel, stories, and myths from around the world. Both of her parents are from western Pennsylvania, so this was the place that was always called “home.” Dawn currently lives in western Pennsylvania with her gorgeous and amazing ten-year-old daughter, Xaria. She has been an avid reader since early childhood, and H. P. Lovecraft is her favorite author. Besides a love for literature, she also loves horror movies, and heavy metal music. Dawn has a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, and has a great love for science in general.

Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, where he currently lives. Besides having a great love of literature, he is also a movie lover. While he likes all kinds of music, heavy metal is his music of choice. H. P. Lovecraft is also Chris’ favorite author.

George P. Flick
George P Flick was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He moved west to Idaho where he has lived for the last 25 years. His interests are farming reading and collecting Robert E Howard an H.P. Lovecraft books.

Luis G. Abbadie
Luis G. Abbadie (Guadalajara, Mexico, 1968) novelist and researcher, especialized in horror fiction, paganism and pseudobibliography. He has dedicated over two decades to undermine his sanity with the Necronomicon, and has, at various times, been literary workshop coordinator, proofreader, columnist, bookseller, illustrator, comic book author and artist, Tarot reader and exorcist, as well as offering occult advisory for lawyers’ offices. Currently lives with three cats, is an unofficial member of the Mexican branch of the Trenchcoat Brigade and has a 12 year old son. (Veglia, 2008), El código secreto del Necronomicón (Rémora, 2010 / Keli, 2013), La larga noche (2013) and Confesiones paganas: Palabras de las brujas de Nairn (Leif Erikson, 2016).
His books include Códice Otarolense (Euterpe, 2002), Noches paganas
You may find him at: and

R.L. Andrew
R.L Andrew is a chronically ill Australian writer. When she isn't posting movie reviews for a leading New York Website (, RL is reading both fiction and non-fiction or alternatively doing what she loves most; writing. From the time she was young, RL has been an avid reader, and was introduced at a young age to the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and Stephen King. This was the beginning of a life-long love of horror. RL takes inspiration for her work from her love of all things strange, weird, and the funny situations in everyday life.

RL continues to read and write crossing a number of genres, but still loves watching a good scary movie. After raising three daughters, RL lives in rural Victoria with her husband and furry son, chocolate Labrador, Max. She is currently editing her first novel, which she deems ‘soft’ science fiction; A Lunatics Guide to Interplanetary Relationships, and hopes to traditionally publish.

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Tsu: RLAndrewAuthor

Winter Balefire
Winter has been an occultist and paranormal researcher since 1995. Her articles on the paranormal, urban legends, magic and lore have been published repeatedly since 2009 and she has also been the subject of interviews regarding these areas of expertise.  Writing and witchcraft have always remained close to Winter's heart, feeling both require a profound understanding of one's self and environment.  When she's not exploring the macabre and bizarre, Winter enjoys reading Tarot, as well as writing poetry and short stories.   



Jason Bridges

Joseph Collins
I have been drawing since about age 6, when I was bored and decided to draw a stick figure on the back of a school paper, and it got better from there. I soon got better at drawing and I have even started to make comics of my own, since I have a writing ability as well. I have never had my work featured in a book before, so I feel honored to contribute to this.

Jose R. Colon
Jose R. Colon was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in the late 60's and raised in Park Slope Brooklyn, a huge Gojira mark and self-admitted comic-book nerd discovered Lovecraft in the early 70's and has reveled in the madness ever since. Also influenced by Papa Tolkien, David Eddings, Margaret Weis, & Tracy Hickman. Now residing in the Valley of the Sun helping those with mental health challenges and working on a full length novel. His other passions are Mofongo, Bacon, NY Style Pizza, & Potato Chips. He also wants so say that no matter how far apart he is from his son Caleb Alexander, Daddy will always love him.

Leslie Conner
Leslie Conner was born in a small southern town and spent most of her adult life wondering why. She has lived on both coasts and several places in between and has considered her experiences and the strange people she's met as justifiable fodder for fiction. Leslie lives in East Tennessee with her rescue animals, and when she's not out walking her dogs, she finds time to write. Her short story entitled, "Murder 101," appeared in The Bookends Review this year, and her debut novel, Nicholas Fry and the Pizza Thief, is now available on Amazon.

Visit her website:
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Joshua L. Corvarubbio

Steven Sebastian Jeanguenin
Originally born in Norristown, Pa. Steven later moved to Swedesburg at the age of 3. That is where he has lived ever since, finding it only slightly annoying to still be stuck there. He began writing while attending Upper Merion Area Middle school in 6th grade, thanks in part to his English teacher Mr. Bates. Though literature was always a big part of his life since childhood, being read to every night by mother and grandmother. He credits inspiration to William Shakespeare and R.A. Salvatore. Prefers to listen to heavy metal music or pirate shanties, and can usually be found playing video games or sailing on his pirate ship.

Ashlee Kuschner
Ashlee Kuschner is the Director of Digital Editing at Ophelia Myth Media and a professional writer from Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Ashlee is an avid Lovecraft fan, boasting an impressive collection of Cthulhu plushies and other Lovecraft memorabilia.  Books produced by Ophelia Myth Media can be found both at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Current OMM titles:
"Ophelia and Other Weird Tales"
"Hades Ascendant and Others: More Weird Tales from the Opheliaverse"
"Major Arcana: Thrice Weird Tales from the Opheliaverse"
"Vae Victus: A Strand of the Spider Silk (an Opheliaverse Companion Book)"

Rory Leonard
Desmond Leonard is currently deployed with the US Navy, defending our country and keeping us safe. We would like to thank Rory and his family for their service in the Navy, though indirectly, the family serves as well. We hope you come home safely and soon.

Kris Svärd
Kris has been writing for personal pleasure for over 20 years, but has just recently decided to start publishing stories. Kris has enjoyed reading Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction since a very early age, having to get special permission to check out the adult books from the library. When not writing, Kris can be found keeping players on their toes running a variety of RPG Pen and Paper games, reading, or coloring.

Manny Madison
As a former Archaeologist I have always been interested in history, and have read much on the subject. I have a fairly large comic book collection and I love the pulp horror stories from the 1920's and 30's and weird fiction in general.  My favorites writers are H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Harlan Ellison. 

Sue Mydliak (author website) (book designs) (photography site)

David Nickelson
David Nickelson was born July 19th, 1974 at Langlade Memorial hospital in Antigo, WI. Both of his biological parents were avid antique collectors and dealers by trade. At age one the family moved to Green Bay, WI from Antigo. At age 6 he was accepted into a comprehensive program at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay for gifted child writers, which he declined to participate in after two weeks, then returning to public schooling classes. He discovered H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker at age 13, and notes both authors as primordial influences. He later studied cinematography at the University of Wisconsin ­ Eau Claire, as well as briefly attending St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI where he studied journalism actively. early into the new millennium, Nickelson checked himself into a state psychiatric hospital where he resided for 2 years willingly due to multiple mental illnesses. Throughout his life, David Nickelson has been responsible for the self-publication of 17 underground fanzine style magazines with Cthuhlu Mythos inspired themes, including other avant-garde fiction, black and white drawings, and poetry. Most of the time, Nickelson travels with Greenpeace with his father. His estranged mother resides in Sturgeon Bay, WI. He cites Occult leaders and Mystics, Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Grant as fore fathers of Magickal Interpretation, and H.P. Lovecraft as the inventor of the genre of horror and weird fiction. Nickelson is currently divorced with 2 teen age sons, and resides in the village of Ashwaubenon, WI. His stories and drawings featured in this book are his first main stream published work.

Elizabeth Ann Oinen
Elizabeth Anne Oinen lives in Brockport New York with her three huge dogs, two crazy cats, and her silly yellow horse. She writes fantasy, science fiction, and steam punk short stories, and is currently working on a fantasy epic novel. She received a Master of Arts degree in Literature and a Certificate in Creative Writing from SUNY Brockport. When she is not writing she trains horses and gives horseback riding and driving lessons.

Bernadette Perez
A Poet possessing expression and creativity. In 1990 Bernadette received the Silver Poet Award from World of Poetry. Her work has appeared in The Wishing Well; Musings in 2010, Small Canyons Anthology in 2013, Poems 4 Peace in 2014. Fix and Free Anthology in 2015. She is the Vice President of the New Mexico State Poetry Society and member of Rio Grande Valencia Poets since 2005
"Poets Let Us Be Heard”

Stephen Reynolds
Steve Reynolds is a corporate entertainer, writer, and lecturer from New Orleans, LA. Steve has performed and lectured all over the U.S. and Canada. He has been a featured performer at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. and the House of Blues in New Orleans.

Meloddy V. Reynosso
Born and raised in the depths of Los Angeles, A self-taught artist, heavily inspired by The Romantic Art of Obscurity, melancholy, death, and the lost art of love...
Opium Sanctuary on Facebook

Jessica Rhodes
Born in Ramsgate, Jess Rhodes grew up with a love of all things literary and started writing at the tender age of 16. She now lives in Margate with her son and three cats, and is the author of Lady Cannibal. Her current work in progress is My Honest Queen, the first in The Shattered Crown trilogy.

Author page:

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Raynard Stevens
 Raynard is a New England horror illustrator/Tattooist living close to the land of Lovecraft's birth. He is a long-time admirer of his works and those who keep his work alive.

Stephen Thorn
Stephen Thorn lives in central Pennsylvania and dreams of a cabin in the Rockies.  His recent works include "The Unwelcome Kind of Tenants," "To Search in the Shadows," "Spirit Elk," and "A Short Conversation."  He's always glad to hear from a reader, especially if he gave them sleepless and frightened nights. (adults only)

Sarah T. Walker
Sarah T. Walker lives with her husband in Oregon where she writes, paints, and studies archaeology in hopes of summoning the Old Ones. Her art and writing can be seen at and you can connect with her on Facebook at

Duanne Walton
I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I've had works (poems, articles, stories) published in amateur publications over the years. I'm currently working on a mystery/thriller with the invaluable help of my writer's group (, whom I'm videographer for when we have our annual Open Mike Nights. You can check out our videos at: 

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