Discovering the Other Me

Adult Erotica
This is the true report of a wife who for a long time vigorously objected to her hubby's suggestion that she should experience sex with other men. She candidly shares how she went from saying “No Way” to her husband’s oft repeated request to watch her have sex with another man… to five years of enjoyable varied sexual experiences with new and different guys. Her personal story. More

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About Joan Vegas

I'm Joan Vegas...
I grew up in a small mid-US town. I was in my late pre-teens when I accidentally first saw my mom and dad enjoying sex together. We lived in an old 2-story house where my brother and I had our bedrooms on the second floor. There was an attic level off our floor that extended over our parents’ bedroom.

One night I could not sleep so I decided to rummage around in that attic space in search of some comic books to read. I discovered light coming through a vent in the floor, and decided to look down. There were mom and dad, playing intimately with each other. I decided to quietly watch.

Dad was sucking on mom’s breasts as she stroked his penis. I had seen my dad naked before. We were not a nudist household, but we never made any big deal about being nude in front of each other. This time I noticed that dad’s penis got longer and fuller as mom played with it. Soon she rolled on her side and as I watched, dad slid (what I now refer to as a cock) between her legs and into her body.

It was clear to me that they both were having fun. I watched on other nights, and observed mom taking dad’s cock into her mouth and suck him hard as his face was between her legs, kissing and sucking on her vagina… before they switched around and connected genitals again.

My uncle often visited us for weekends. I never thought much about it until I got into my hiding place one night while he was visiting. To my surprise he was in bed with mom and dad. My uncle and dad were both playing with mom… all nude. I watched mom take turns playing with and sucking their cocks as they took turns laying between her legs and inserting themselves into her body. Sure enough, I could tell that mom was loving all the attention from both men. That’s when I decided that one day I wanted to try that too.

It goes without saying that as I grew up I experimented with a variety of sex play with the guys I dated. I loved every bit of it, but it was always one-on-one sex play.

When I was 19 I met and dated two guys I was working with. They both knew I was simultaneously dating the other. One evening I invited both of them to join me for a drink. As we sipped our suds I just blurted out, “You know, I have been screwing both of you guys, and I have loved sex with both of you.” I suggested that we go to my apartment, telling them that I wanted to make love to both of them at once. There was a moment of hesitation, and then Bob said to Tim, “Let’s do it!” What a great night of passion that was. The guys discovered they were comfortable sharing me… and I loved it!

That night led to the three of us moving in together. The three-way relationship blossomed. Not only was the sex great for all of us, I found that I had fallen in love with both of them. They both confessed their love for me too. Other than incidental intimate contact between Tim and Bob, all their sexual attentions were focused on me (Hooray!)

A couple years later we started talking about wanting kids, and we questioned each other how that might work out. Both guys said they did not care whose sperm did the job (they didn’t even want to know), they would both consider themselves father to any child I would bear.
Up to that point I had always religiously used birth control. That was also because both Bob and Tim would occasionally bring a male friend or two home as additional bed fun partners for me (another benefit of our unconventional open relationship). Naturally, I encouraged both of them to get a little on the side too, which they did.

I didn’t want to have any kids to raise on my own… in a situation where there was not some kind of formal commitment from/to Bob and Tim. I knew I could not marry both of them. I did a little research. I discovered that we could form a legal “partnership” relationship, and avoid any questions of bigamy. That’s what we did, spelling out on paper our joint responsibilities in the event I ever got pregnant.

Soon I stopped my birth control (and they stopped bringing other guys home), and in no time I was pregnant. Over the next few years we had four beautiful kids (with breaks in between so I could play with other guys). Then, after my fourth child I got my tubes tied so I could play as I wanted without any pregnancy risks.

We now live in the mountains west of Denver, in a home specially designed and built by my two guys to accommodate our special lifestyle. We met lots of “swingers,” and couples who regularly invited an extra guy or gal into their shared sex play. We started getting e-mail from couples who enjoyed three-way sex play as we do.. and couples who were considering expanding their relationships to include a third person.

I saved those letters and my replies. It was that correspondence with real people that led to the reports I share in my series here.

You are welcome to write to me to share details of your sexual lifestyle. I would like that. Write me at

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