The Khellen Trilogy

The "trilogy version" of the three previously-released Khellen novels.

In this version, each of the original stories is incorporated as part of the "trilogy version"; Part 1 is The Khellen Gift, Part 2 The Zhin Mutations and Part 3 The Salacian Legacy. Each part contains some text modifications to better synchronise with the other parts and there are some updates to the illustrations.

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Words: 173,420
Box Set: Yes
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311507402
About John A. Kirk

I'm an ethnic Scot, a British national, Canadian citizen and Australian resident who has also lived in the USA and the People's Republic of China. I started writing science fiction seven years before I retired from a 40-year career in IT; I've had 4 sci-fi books published in Australia which comprise a trilogy and a separate 4th book.

The trilogy are The Khellen Gift (2003), The Zhin Mutations (2006) and The Salacian Legacy (2012). What I offer through Smashwords, are second editions which include updates to better synchronize the first two novels with the third, following my decision to complete the trilogy. I've recently uploaded a trilogy version which combines all three novels as parts 1, 2 and 3 of a single 600-page epic; that also contains some minor text revisions and updates to some of the illustrations.

My 4th sci-fi novel was The Blue, Blue Hills of Xuhl, (a pun on the green, green grass of home) published in Australia in 2011; Xuhl was started after The Salacian Legacy, but was finished before.

I've had a lifelong love of what I call real sci-fi since hearing the BBC radio series Journey Into Space way back circa 1953. In saying real sci-fi, I exclude superheroes, magic, witches, dragons, vampires, werewolves, zombies and dinosaurs; my 4 offerings to date have featured intelligent, technologically superior aliens rather than being horror stories though I loved movies like Alien, Aliens, Terminator, Terminator 2, Predator and War of the Worlds... and I understand the genetics associated with Jurassic Park and sequels makes a case for those to be regarded as sci-fi movies rather than just part of the horror genre.

The biggest problem for sci-fi writers is how to travel anywhere in a reasonable time; we all must fabricate some way to achieve interstellar travel or else we're not leaving our own star system and the old stand-by is the wormhole; anything is possible inside those babies. Though they could theoretically exist, none have ever been identified; but then, a lot of things can exist mathematically that don't occur in Nature, such as negative quantities. But we need something, because the Milky Way is 100,000 light years across and black holes are NOT holes... cross that event horizon and you're not coming out the other end, you're impacting on the singularity at the centre of the gravitational field, end of story !!

"Toni" is completely different, a love story set in Melbourne Australia of 1990, where I have lived for 12 years in total. ☺

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