Freedom Incorporated

Rated 3.67/5 based on 6 reviews
Corporations control the world, portal technology allows instantaneous travel, and the ultimate in branded living has arrived: microchip implants for all. But the new era, while peaceful on the surface, comes with a staggering price – individual freedom – and not everyone is willing to pay.
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Blaine Zaid reviewed on Aug. 21, 2011

A fine science fiction action adventure for adult readers. I read this book 6 months ago approx. Still remember it! Can't say that about much of the fiction out there. Very action packed, and edgy . (not for kids due to adult content) Characters were developed enough to get a good feel. I would watch this one if it were made into a motion picture. (PS I'm not sure about the editing comments below, there was nothing so blaring as to slow my read down.....) Blaine Zaid (author The Gaines Agenda, also free on Smashwords)
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Matthew Tingley reviewed on May 5, 2011

I read it on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised. Totally worth the time.
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Nick Beingessner reviewed on March 1, 2011

Excellent read, thoroughly enjoyed it!
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E Cousins reviewed on Jan. 15, 2011

There's a pretty good story here overall, but the book itself obviously wasn't proofread very well. There are many spelling mistakes (yes, taking UK spelling into account), missing words, wordsjoinedtogetherlikethis and a huge number of homonym transposition errors (peer/pier etc.). I hope the author does themselves a favour and has some good proofing done next time.

BTW, to the people below who obviously have no etiquette, please don't spoil the endings of books for people.
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Talisman reviewed on Dec. 7, 2010

Yes very interesting and I was really wondering weather or not the Raven would meet his ultimate desire, Which other's have noted that he did. It did not really disappoint me that Dan Died at the Very end.. What you want a sequel?

Not me, That's mainly why I give it 3 Stars. I did not understand the Timeframe of Portanet and yes there was some cool tech.. But the author touched on it not enough in depth and to much tiny reference.

Although I do look forward to reading future works of this Author
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Erica Simonsen reviewed on Feb. 26, 2010
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Was very interested in reading until I saw that reviewer below, Daniel Whittman, had ruined the ending :(
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Daniel Whittman reviewed on Dec. 31, 2009

It is a spellbinding story. I liked a lot about the story except the socialistic solution and environmental preaching. The main character getting killed off in the end was disappointing. Freedom from global corporations is a lot different than personal freedom. I did like all of it before the cyborg showed up again after he was killed by the best assassin.
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