Glass Winter

Clara doesn't know that the small town she lives in is much tinier than what meets the eye. When a stranger, who claims to be her fiancé appears out of nowhere to pledge his love- the wintry world she lives in begins to crack.
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December 9, 2018
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Language: English
ISBN: 9781311333643
About Charlene Richards

Charlene Richards lives in an all or nothing world. So, while she’s a full-time Licensed Optician by day, she’s also a full-time wife, mother, author and all-around lover of life.

A passionate reader who is very fond of her Nook, Charlene has been a fan of literature for as long as she can remember. The desire to create worlds of her own persisted and she decided to make it official three years ago. She has since studied the craft with a fervor any child of an enlisted Air Force officer can relate to. After cutting her teeth with short stories, she’s counting down the days her first novel is released.

Her favorite genres are fantasy and contemporary, and she is currently an active member of several organizations, including: Savvy Authors, Romance Writers of America, and From the Heart Romance Writers.

Charlene knows the importance of indulging in simple pleasures and she embraces every chance she gets to read, watch sci-fi or Disney shows and hang out with her husband and two children. Now, if you’re driving through Middle Tennessee and you happen to see a woman in the car next to you at a stop sign and she’s singing along to an eighties ballad while noshing on chocolate or licking caramel from her fingertips, it totally isn’t her. Unless said woman is also wearing a vibrant smile and a Doctor Who t-shirt, then it totally is. Don’t be shy, roll down your window and join her in a duet. It might just turn out to be the best fifteen seconds of your week!

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