A Very Brief History of the World - Why the World is the Way it is Today

From the beginning, the story of humans was shaped by geography, chemistry, and evolution. Our ideas and ambition would pollinate trade and science and collide in politics and war. This book shows how nations and cultures were connected through events that occurred all across the globe. This is our history - in a nutshell.

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About Allen Abramowitz

Allen has a unique view on the history of the world, not only from an academic point of view as an American but also as a world traveler. Allen was born in New York City and grew up in Manhattan where he had a traditional education.

He studied biochemistry at Cornell University, but found that his interest was more global. Allen had a sense of adventure and curiosity about the rest of the world, so he left and found work on a freighter, making his way to Europe.

Traveling around Europe, he picked up languages, until he finally settled down in Paris studying international relations at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, aka Sciences Po, learning history from a French perspective.

His mentors included his law professor who sat on the International Court in the Hague, his Russian history professor, a former ambassador to the Soviet Union, his government professor who wrote the Constitution of the Fifth French Republic and his economics professor who subsequently became prime minister.

After graduating, he continued his travels, working on a coal barge on the Rhine and an oil barge on the Seine. He travelled to Israel to work on a kibbutz. Upon returning home to New York, he began a career in computer programming.

Allen married and raised a family. At a back-to-school night he learned how history was taught in school in a series of unlinked events that did not make sense. He decided to use his expertise to write a book that made history simple and linked everything together to better understand our world today.

He currently works as an analyst in information technology in the New York City metropolitan area and has taught International Relations as an adjunct professor.

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