The Collars of Phaleran

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The Collars of Phaleran is an epic fantasy adventure in the best tradition of sword and ‎sorcery. Here you’ll find legendary lost magical jewels, animals that talk with humans, a quest ‎of the gods, a cartload of magic, and even a dragon, though he may not be quite what you ‎were expecting. Plus, of course, two young women struggling to be strong and courageous in ‎the face of impossible odds.‎ More

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About Ashley Abbiss

Hello there. I’m Ashley Abbiss. ‎

I live and write in beautiful New Zealand, where I live with one large dog, who looks nothing ‎like Friend from my Daughters of Destiny books. She is, however, almost as intelligent and definitely as ‎opinionated, and if she can’t quite speak in the way Friend does to Niari, that doesn’t really ‎hold her back much!‎

I write fantasy, mostly of the epic variety. Let me say right up front that if you’re looking for a quick read, you’re in the wrong place. But if you like a substantial, ‎satisfying story that you can really get your teeth into, stick with me. I may have something ‎you’ll enjoy. There’s no graphic sex in my books. If that’s what you want, you’ll have to look ‎elsewhere. There is violence, and there is swearing, though mostly of the ‘s/he swore’ variety, ‎nothing overly graphic or offensive. I also write about strong, independent female characters, ‎so if your taste runs to something more macho, or something more frilly and helpless, this may ‎not be the place for you. ‎

I’ve always loved wandering in different worlds, be they fantasy or science fiction, although ‎lately I tend to prefer fantasy. The only proviso is that they have to be believable worlds, ‎worlds that feel real, that have depth and scope – and they must, absolutely must be fun to ‎visit. I read for escape and entertainment, and I don’t really want to escape from this world ‎into one even grimmer. Trouble, tension, and danger I can deal with, what sort of story would ‎there be without them? Where would Pern be without Thread, Frodo without Sauron, Harry ‎Potter without Voldemort? But there has to be hope, and there has to be a light touch. Happy ‎ever after does have a lot going for it, even if initially it’s only a very small light at the end of ‎a long, dark tunnel. My personal favourites include Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, Anne ‎McCaffrey’s Pern series, and the fantasies of David Eddings, and lately, they’ve been joined ‎by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and a few others. Of those, David Eddings was probably my ‎greatest inspiration.‎

I began to wonder if I could create my own world, one just as believable and multi-layered as ‎theirs. Could I create a world with its own history, geography, social structure, deities, and all ‎the rest? One that hung together? That a reader could believe in? It became a challenge, one I ‎really wanted to see if I could meet. So I dusted off my writing skills, learned a few more, ‎cranked up the imagination, and got busy. I’d always been good at creative writing, but ‎though I’d made a few attempts to write after I left school, none of them came to anything. ‎That was until I started writing fantasy. Suddenly, I knew I’d come home. ‎

I quickly discovered that I’m not the sort of writer who can plan a book (or a world!) before I ‎start. I just can’t do it. But I can create characters, and suddenly the characters took on a ‎reality of their own and took over the stories, often to the extent that they actually surprised ‎me. And the stories worked. Their world worked. Sometimes I had to go back and fix the ‎odd contradiction, but mostly it worked and was very natural and organic. Even though my ‎first attempts were pitiful, I knew I’d found where I belong. I persevered, I learned, I wrote. ‎I discovered that the characters are key for me. Once I get them right, they tell their own ‎story. I was away. There were dark days during which my stories became my refuge, my ‎characters my friends. And I kept writing. There were happy times when I didn’t need a ‎refuge, but my characters were still my friends, and they drew me inexorably back. I kept ‎writing. ‎

And now, I hope my characters may become your friends too, my worlds ones where you also ‎like to walk; perhaps even your refuge from dark days. Come join me in a world where magic ‎is real and the gods are near, where beasts talk and men and women achieve things they never ‎dreamed they could. But most of all, come and have fun! ‎
Happy reading.‎

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About the Series: Daughters of Destiny
The gods are at war. But should they fight their own battles they would certainly destroy ‎‎‎the very thing they’re fighting over - the world. ‎‎‎So ‎‎they choose humans to fight for them, with ‎‎‎prophecy to guide ‎them and ‎‎occasional ‎divine ‎intervention when things get really tough. But ‎‎‎life can be difficult ‎when ‎‎you’re born to ‎fight the ‎battles of the gods, especially since you didn’t ‎‎‎get a choice. ‎Niari ‎and Carlitha, sisters, sorceresses and champions ‎‎of the gods, ‎along with their ‎companions, ‎both ‎human and animal, struggle to fulfil prophecy ‎‎and fight the ‎‎very ‎‎battles of the ‎gods ‎themselves. These are stories of epic adventure and magic, but they’re also about friendship and trust, about discovering one’s destiny and one’s strength and learning to accept who and what you are. ‎Come join some very human heroes in a ‎fantastical world where magic is ‎‎real, where beasts ‎‎can ‎speak with ‎‎humans, ‎and the ‎gods are nearer than ‎you might think – and ‎‎more human and ‎‎‎fallible than you ‎‎might imagine. ‎

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BusyHappyMother reviewed on Dec. 2, 2017

A great book, a great read, a great escape.
Thank you Ashley
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Elaina J Davidson reviewed on July 10, 2016

An epic quest, secrets, sorcery, a cult, religion and a runiac – yes, this has all the ingredients for Fantasy.

I enjoyed the read, but felt there was something missing. I wished for more direct action rather than ‘seeing’ what others were up to via the magical sight employed. I felt that we should have gone direct to the various points of action and been with those characters, seen it from their points of view instead having it told to us.

Also, when the scene changes there should be a break in the narrative to signify a change and this was not so. Large blocks of text made me somewhat square-eyed (although, admittedly, it could be my reading device).

However, despite these issues, it is an imaginative work and well worth the read.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)
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