Effective Board Dynamics Guide for CEOs and Directors

Trust and cooperation are essential for the board to function well and fulfill its fiduciary duties. However, these concepts are not instructions. We cannot simply say to someone, trust me. We cannot simply instruct board members to cooperate. This is not how creative ideas and collaboration happens. Trust and cooperation happens when you create the right environment. More

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About Level Five Executive, Inc.

Dr. Lola Gershfeld, PsyD, Board Dynamics Specialist, Founder and CEO of Level Five Executive, has developed protocols that transform boards into effective teams that are engaged with the vital work they do to govern Fortune 1000 companies. With three decades of building companies and serving on boards, Dr. Gershfeld has gathered and developed the most effective techniques and tools for creating positive interactions among board members, between the executive team and the board, and between the board and investors, which all lead to improved board performance, talent retention, and risk management. Her fresh perspective has led her to an emotional-focused approach where she creates safe environments for the board to increase performance.

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