So You Want To Travel and Work

Many people now travel to work overseas for varying amounts of time. The aim of this book is to help those who are wanting to do this to plan and make career and other choices so that they are able to achieve their goal. More
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July 1, 2018
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About M A Spiller

M A Spiller is an multidisciplinary financial services professional, cross qualified in a number of areas having been an accountant for over thirty years with strong experience in the field and an enthusiastic research, training and advisory ethic. She is currently completing a PhD in business strategy, innovation and methods, whilst providing full-time advisory services in accounting, taxation, business structuring, financial planning and finance broking to a range of clients. In addition she has a strong interest in quality business systems and in achieving the best result possible in every situation. She has also lectured for a number of organizations, and enjoys promoting the profession wherever possible.

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