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Hearsay and stories to define common ideas and Buddhist perspectives. To be of help to anyone on the path of search for the truth. More

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About Sherab Gyatso Alex

Alex Sherab Gyatso is a married, Russian born yogi practitioner residing in Upstate NY with focus in practice lineages of Buddhist Dharma of Tibet, mostly as it reaches us today in the West through Nyingma traditions.

Born in 1974 in Soviet Union, Moscow. The country that at time did not have a state-wide religious following and although since the time of 2nd world war Russian Greek Orthodox Church was allowed to have the doors open in just about every city, it still would remain to be very private undertaking to go in.
A most memorable story about the spirituality that in a way very definably “set me sail” was a moment when I stood in from of the bookshelf and pointing to several volumes of old, beautifully bound books titled “Religions of the World” I asked my father: “Which one is the best?”
To which my father rather fast but in a thoughtful way said:
“Buddhism for sure”
As I was eight and have read captions and looked all over the books, I could place it in the book somewhat. So, in same thoughtful way I asked:
“Why Buddhism?”
Then answer arrived that had to be explored again, my father said:
“It is the easiest one”
To that I surely had to ask, again:
“How is it easy?”
My father then continuing:
“All you need is to know your mind” With a slight puzzling feel I asked then:
“How do you know your mind?”
Assuredly my father said to that:“Through reflective contemplation, of course” Somehow taking it at a face value, I seemed to know what he was talking about, likely only a child of eight could be so sure about such things. Through that I had unfailing connection to the Buddhism to this moment. I have gone on to become a fine arts painter, through that I was always interested in urban sage figures and painting sounds of music bands in performance. With my mother immigrating through Eastern Europe to America I could rebuild my understanding of what is around me, what is to be my home, ideas, and furnishings, all from scratch. Lack of fluency in English language seriously hampered my art career as well. This turned into a blessing in reality, because I have met American life face-to-face while working in antique stores, antiquarian book stores and at some point becoming a chef and running a kitchen of a restaurant, all prompting very intense self-examination.
-From What's What (published summer 2016) chapter titled: "About the Author"

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