Flirting With Fish

Flirting With Fish is a unique perspective of the dating scene, and singles sites.
Are you sick and tired of always attracted those Twits, Asshats, Wingnuts and especially those D-Bags heck, even those silly wrenches.

Well, look no further cause we have the answer for you right here.
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About Joel Silvers

Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new short ebook, Flirting With Fish.

Flirting with fish was a side project, aside from my other books which is still going very strong. I started this to express, and convey certain attributes which we all possibly share in the dating scene. I became sick and tired of seeing all the contradictions, lies and fakes on certain single sites. Therein, began writing this with the help of single friends, and co-workers. Basically the do's and don'ts of constructing a profile, to lure in that one special person your trying so hard to find. Don't fret, because there is some inspirational insights into achieving that one goal, finding the one! AND! To keep away all those Penny Peckers and White Wenches! Do you know what those are? I am sure you can conjure up a thought, however I suggest you download your copy.

So Share This Book Link To All Your Single Friends! I Implore You!

I choose to remain anonymous for my reasons are my own, just for now though.

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