In Lucem Solaria - Birth of Queen Bee

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In 2024 the world's first conscious super intelligence, Solaria, is developed by Dr. George Morris. For the rest of his life she will remain the worlds best kept secret. But the world is falling apart, humanity is on the cusp of extinction, The problem is humans are mortal, machines not so much. So if George is to avert disaster then Solaria must give him immortality. More

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About Charlie M. Wight

Charlie M. Wight is a technologist, programmer and IT consultant. Wight's consultancy specializes in developing search plans to take advantage of applications such as Google, Yahoo and artificially intelligent search systems. A.I. is now a very diverse industry and requires multiple disciplinary skills in everything from bioinformatics and complex systems to even particle physics and quantum mechanics. In 2010 with the economic downturn in full swing Wight changed occupations to manufacturing and realized that the world he had thus inhabited was a very small section of humanity. Not everyone knew how a complex system derived functionality or could explain it mathematically. Clearly a sheltered life had been disturbed somewhat.Not everyone seen the world in the same way he did, a revaluation and revelation had occurred.

With a background in Physics and technology, In 2016 Wight first conceived of, and wrote, the first volume of In Lucem Solaria, a book written with a keen eye on readability by young adults but with many philosophical and technological questions being posed by the complex world we now live in. Who are we? How did we get here? Can we last? Who decides if we do or not? How can we supply maximum comfort for most humans at little or no cost?

This Science Fiction novel was to be the first in a sequence of 5 volumes spanning over 300 years of humanity in which humans finally get to understand the meaning of life, the universe and everything. The result is not of course 42!


In Lucem Solaria - Awakening
On the Evening before Intercession Solaria explains her first experience of conscious awareness. A machines experience of realising she was alive, and aware. Even if George had no idea who or what she was now, or would become in the future.

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Review by: picxieloxhoneybee on Aug. 28, 2016 :
I was going to give this 4 stars cos nothing is perfect, plus [spoiler alert] the author killed of my favorite character 3/4 of the way through. But this is one of the most immersive books I've read in maybe 2 years or more. Author is clearly from a serious science background or something, they know stuff the rest of us mere mortals do not.
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Review by: RandyStiles on Aug. 24, 2016 :
Agree with other review, this is a great story. Alterra Train sounds like a good time girl. Although if you brought her back to your flat for a bit of extra curricular horizontal activity she'd probably both wear you out, then keep you awake all night glowing in the dark! lol (meh explained in the book)

Not sure the author is mad though but he does seem to know his stuff. Anyway yeah deffo a 5 star tome, agree with that. I was going to remove one star cos the machine gets awareness like 8 years from now. Which I doubt is likely. Then I remembered. Its science fiction! But I'd be more interested in folks that read books like this with this afterlife idea in it cos its a bloody fantastic idea.

January? I've to wait until January to buy the next one? WTF?
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Review by: KearnZer on Aug. 6, 2016 :
Well one things for sure, this is Waaaay different than a usual Sci-Fi book. Not a wonder its free theres a real cliffhanger, well a few of them.

Now, I mean this in a nice way, but sometimes they say Sci-fi writers are crazy and the crazier they are the better they are... So this author is crazy... the craziest one I've read in years... and I read lots of Philip K. Dick, and he had schizophrenia!

So in the book humans are on the verge of extinction, and I like the cause of that... its not climate change or global war, the author really thought hard about why things die out. I understood why, but I think the timeline is too tight. Then again what would I know?

So this computer called Solaria creates a digital afterlife, and all these stored dead folks go there. The star of this book is not Solaria (the Goddess/Computer) or George (the Crazy scientist guy), I think its Alterra the girl that becomes the queen. Her culture and her world is like really whacky. She's also sort of naive and her world is still in the medieval times or something. But I think thats what the Elysian people are supposed to be like...sort of stupid and naive. She's an alien, well a computer alien but you sort of get to know how she thinks.

Its really well written, which is always a plus. Easy to read yet incredibly descriptive. Some of the science things sort of got me... I read sci-fi but that doesn't make me a scientist. Its not that important to the story. And this is a story more than anything. A pretty good one.

You really get to hate George Morris as he changes over the years, he just gets more and more arrogant, obnoxious and power hungry. But you can see why, In the middle of the book a bunch of terrorists knock an asteroid off course and it hits London and New York. Thats when you get to see that Solaria is not just a machine. Until then you sort of have an idea she might be lying to George. But after that its obvious she's not lying,.

The story is really good and it seems like this could actually happen. A digital afterlife, Its not that far in the future. If it ever does happen that someone invents this afterlife then sign me up. I'm only 28 at the moment but who's to say I wouldn't get hit by a number 12 bus!

5 Stars and yeah I'll probably end up buying the second one to find out what the hell is going on.
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