The Bridge Road to Dawn

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The year is 2072. Humanity is at the dawn of a new age, shaped by millions of years of evolution, discovery and chance. A unified earth, now led by the SUE, is riding on the shoulders of an ancient technology, discovered adrift in the outer solar system. But when its true purpose is uncovered, someone will be given the chance to play god and pave the road to a new destiny.

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About Brenton Stringer

It's hard to find a book that I like, wrong genre, too long, too short, but most of the time, just too much. I understand that the problem is mine, but that doesn't help. Then while on holidays in 2014, I read Andy Weir's THE MARTIAN, and I was inspired. Enough to write a short story, which eventually grew into a book, THE BRIDGE - ROAD TO DAWN.
I don't want to be a best-selling author, I'm just a guy from the country who is looking for a story that suits my style. So believe it or not, these books were not written for you, they were written for me, but I do hope you enjoy them.


Review by: Morgan Stone on Feb. 7, 2017 :
When I read the first chapter on his website (no free sample on Smashwords), I had high hopes for, The Bridge Road to Dawn, by Brenton Stringer. Unfortunately, the rest of the novel falls flat. There's a few interesting ideas, but nothing gets developed. The story goes nowhere. The main premise is left unexplained, or explored. The novel feels as though it was written by two people with distinct writing styles. There are sections (including the sample, first chapter on Stringer's website) that are adequately written - thus, readable - and others that are amateurish, clunky and annoying. For example: the endlessly repetitive use of the word "as", action as action, blah said "as" blah did. Obviously, some of this novel was edited, therefore, it might be possible to make it readable. Unfortunately, the story itself, is either incomplete, or not strong enough, in my opinion, to be a good read.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
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