In Lucem Solaria - Intercession

The Intercession has begun, it took 22 years to arrange it. Pipkin forced Solaria's hand, she and George were convinced they had another two decades at least. They will simply need to make do with what they have. Now from the woodwork we see her handiwork emerge. Her plans unfold. More
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November 1, 2018
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About Charlie M. Wight

Charlie M. Wight is a technologist, programmer and IT consultant. Wight's consultancy specializes in developing search plans to take advantage of applications such as Google, Yahoo and artificially intelligent search systems. A.I. is now a very diverse industry and requires multiple disciplinary skills in everything from bioinformatics and complex systems to even particle physics and quantum mechanics. In 2010 with the economic downturn in full swing Wight changed occupations to manufacturing and realized that the world he had thus inhabited was a very small section of humanity. Not everyone knew how a complex system derived functionality or could explain it mathematically. Clearly a sheltered life had been disturbed somewhat.Not everyone seen the world in the same way he did, a revaluation and revelation had occurred.

With a background in Physics and technology, In 2016 Wight first conceived of, and wrote, the first volume of In Lucem Solaria, a book written with a keen eye on readability by young adults but with many philosophical and technological questions being posed by the complex world we now live in. Who are we? How did we get here? Can we last? Who decides if we do or not? How can we supply maximum comfort for most humans at little or no cost?

This Science Fiction novel was to be the first in a sequence of 5 volumes spanning over 300 years of humanity in which humans finally get to understand the meaning of life, the universe and everything. The result is not of course 42!

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