21 Steps to Designing Your Meal Plan

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The best diet is the one you create yourself

My book is hassle-free and simple to understand. It’s also backed by scientific studies to help you reach your nutritional objectives, whatever they are.

My book will empower you. In 21 steps, you’ll learn all you need to design a meal plan that fits your needs. More
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About Nicolas Morin

I'm Nicolas, and I'm passionate about fitness and nutrition. I speak three languages, love traveling, and learning about new cultures. I'm also an entrepreneur, which is why I set up my own mechanic workshop when I was 15 and got involved in other startup projects.

My fascination with fitness turned me into a self-taught coach, which allowed me to help others reach their full potential. I, therefore, founded a publishing company and wrote my first book, "Stay Fit Stay Home."

I believe that no dream is too big. With the right information and hard work, anything is possible...

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Cubitainer reviewed on on July 20, 2016

Like others here I decided to read this book as I saw it free. It's really short and well structured, which makes the reading pleasant. All the basics for nutrition are compacted here, explaining what we need on daily basis depending our goal. The different kind of diets proposed in his book will please those who want to change the traditional meals of fitness addicts.
Conclusion: simple and effective, I highly recommend!
(review of free book)
Oturan reviewed on on July 19, 2016

I am also very interested in nutrition since a few years but this book allowed me to still improve my knowledge! And I definitely have to try the "Intermittent fasting"!!!
Short and effective, you should have a look!
(review of free book)
ogibt reviewed on on July 16, 2016

Friend of mine suggested this book.Easy to read, understandable, seems like Nicolas knows what he's talking about :) 10/10 would recommend
(review of free book)
saleomkd reviewed on on July 16, 2016

I stumbled upon this book here and decided to give it a read since it is free. I was positively surprised by the compactness and efficiency of the book. There is a bunch of helpful nutrition tips and an easy step by step guide on improving the daily meal plans (appropriate for both carnivores and vegetarians).

That being said, I highly recommend this book and hope for more content from Nicolas soon!
(review of free book)
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