Merging With The Light - Removing Negative Thoughts

Rosemary Christie brings you this heartfelt reading allowing you to identify the culprit who can ruin everything in your world and make you so unhappy at times. Written in easy to understand format you will learn to bypass this intruder and gain control of your thoughts once you know what is going on. More
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About Rosemary Christie

Book Bio by Rosemary Christie.

I wrote the book – Knowing the Secret - Revealing The Truth in 2009 which is a Metaphysical, Inspirational, self help book, with tools for change. The only thing I don’t advocate now is to put the past behind you, which I did in this book. I learned painfully by doing so is rejection of your inner child, and can cause many problems, both in relationships, health and life in general.

On the Ascension Path we need to clear the past by revisiting it for the intention of finding our hurt part and becoming the parent of it.

By acceptance, love and support, of the inner child where we feel the child feelings, and cry the child tears we can find self love and authenticity. Once these are found we become whole, a requirement for Ascension.

Everything I used in my therapy- practise over 24 years I teach in the book. I cover a couple of different complex philosophies and make them easy to understand and I also teach many simple techniques that you can use to make your life easier .

Whether you have a health, relationship, work, financial problems, psychological problems like I had, then this is the book for you. It is written in easy to understand format – for the layman. It covers 27 years of my life’s study, from learning to meditate, become a yoga instructor and a Sceince Of Mind Practioner.

I cover the Science of mind, a metaphysical philosophy or sometimes called ‘New Thought’ which once understood can awaken you to who and what you truly are, and put you in drivers seet allowing you to cease being a victim on the Ascension path

I also teach Transactional Analysis which is another complex philosophy which I make very easy to understand, making it workable for anyone. I have even taught children this philosophy. It can help all relationships including the one we have with our selves.

I cover meditation which changed my life so much that I took a quantum leap. A complete turn around from a introverted, critical, depressed, sick minded person who lived in a hell on earth - blaming everyone and everything my my sufferings.

I teach Spiritual Mind Treatments - that is affirmation based, which can make your dreams come true one you have cleared the subconscious debris.

Finally there is a technique that can help you let go of pent up emotions by writing down your feelings, which can help remove unwanted hurts, anger, and disappointments.

You could use this writing technique to visit, find your hurt/ shadow part, love it, accept if with such compassion and find an open heart, authenticity and self love.


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