Lost Sunshine

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A collection of short poems about the journey to rock bottom and the subsequent challenge of attempting to repair a severely damaged psyche. More
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About Lynn Daniels

Lynn Daniels is a poet and author of the novel In Search of Infinity: Living Through the Glass. As a lover of all things art, Lynn spends much of her free time painting, drawing and crafting her skills as a digital artist. You can visit her blog at http://mindsofldaniels.blogspot.com/.

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Review by: TiraGP on Oct. 02, 2017 :
I don't read lot of poetry, but I kept seeing this book related to other books I've read. I decided to give it a try. The author paints a picture of a sad and lonely existence. Throughout it seems there is an underlying level of joy beneath the apparent horror of our simple existence. Everybody interprets poetry differently, so this is just my interpretation.
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Review by: BSmitty222 on Aug. 03, 2017 :
Bleak and beautiful.
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Review by: Ann Michaels on Jan. 04, 2017 :
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said ‘Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” I think this has truth in it; many poems also tell us this. This collection of poetry expresses a rawness of emotion and it reminds us that poetry can express hurt, grief, depression and that poetry can also take us to a world of imagination and lead us to a place of healing.
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Review by: Greeenie on Nov. 18, 2016 :
Dark . . . . very . . . . dark, and yet somehow not too dark. Just enough redemption to keep me hanging on by my fingernails.
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Review by: ManlyDude on Oct. 21, 2016 :
Bleak, dark and depressing with moments (very brief moments) of hope. But I liked it, though.
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Review by: Peter Morgan on Oct. 17, 2016 :
Sombre and satisfying. I will recommend this to so many of my colleagues. Glimmers of hope through the pain and despair. Moody and brilliant.
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Review by: NateG on Oct. 12, 2016 :
A bit dark for my taste but some may enjoy (if enjoy is the right word - perhaps 'brood over' is more like it). Powerful it is, however.
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Review by: lowkit on Oct. 09, 2016 :
Dark and brooding and totally down on life. Excellent word play and keen insights on depression / human nature. Only a tiny glimpse here and there of any hope among all the bitter ugliness of life. If you like this sort of thing, it's just the book of poems for you.
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Review by: Mike White on Aug. 30, 2016 :
This is one of the best books of modern poetry I've ever read. These poems effortlessly communicate and capture the mood of some dark themes without using flowery language. As some of the poems here point out, many people today are forced to act happy at all times regardless of how they actually feel and what's really going on, and it's nice to see some art that reacts against that.
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Review by: ClintB on July 22, 2016 :
Dark with nary a spot of redemption. If you are goth, you'll probably like it.
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Review by: shrating on July 21, 2016 :
I got these poems on my phone and been dipping in, reading on the train to work and back. This here is deep dark sad, gothic, brooding, black, depressing states of mind. Some is the most sad things I ever read. The poet says things in a way that I know just how she feel and it hurts. The nice thing is that it's so true. And all that is why I like these poems so much. I been back reading some of these poems over and over 'cause they so dark and satisfying. I wish I could write well so I could tell you how much I like these poems.
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Review by: Flex X on July 21, 2016 :
A good writer friend of mine told me about this book, he said he wrote a 5-star review on it because it really rocked his sox. He sent me a link to this book of poems and told me I'd like it as well. And I do like it. There are some very very dark messages here but they serve to highlight the many ways in which simple nature's has redeeming qualities. Mixed into all the angst (angst that is beautifully described), mixed into the detailed suffering and depression (that I found so lurid and morbid) there is sunlight, rain, grass, night and flower gardens. I'm going to tell others in our little literary group about this book. It's got the makings of cult classic among those who like dark poems.
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Review by: Malcolm Torres on July 18, 2016 :
This book contains some of the most hard hitting angst and self-loathing I've ever read. It is brimming over with artistry that examines the broken and sad internal life of who? The author? The main character? Me, you, us? Humanity? Who? I don't know.

What I do know is that I read this entire book of poems from beginning to end in one sitting. Every poem contained feelings that jumped out at me. I quickly noticed that the author does not reflect much on the external world. By this I mean there are practically no references to society, schools, government, family, friends, travel, games, sports, etc. There were only a couple references to "consumerism" and "money." But other than those, the author keeps the poems focused on moods and emotions, the inner human condition. And yet it's weird that the titles of many of the poems are named after months of the year and include some tie ins to nature. Some of my favorite lines with my thoughts:

Black Heart: "No glue can piece together the remnants of a broken soul
The ashes scattered away in the wind" (this idea of trying to use glue to hold ashes together - so sad and impossible)

Hell Arrived Yesterday (I foung this gutwrenching!)
"Internal degradation
External desecration
Fictitious parasites eating away the insides
The tormented spirit has no vice to numb
It screams out
Doing the only thing it knows how to do
Hiding a world's worth of pain in plain sight"

June (This poem is the first sign of hope, and interestingly hope exists in nature, like rain and sunshine)

UnHappy People: (There is a reoccuring theme of two people coming together by mistake, without purpose, and yet in this poem it says . . .) "Secret signs point to a telepathic bond
" (This is another tiny glimmer of hope after so many dark and sad moods).

September: "When one lives to feel the agony of now"
(this line just hit me right in the heart, so dark and beautiful . . . 'the agony of now' wow!)

Soul Amelioration
: (contains another glimmer of hope)
"No one suffers alone
But it can be difficult to let others in
And try to talk about the pain inside."

One Giant Metaphor: "life is like a quilt" (this seemed extremely optimistic compared to so many dark and painful emotions and images)

Seasonal Destruction (again the theme that all is lost not just internally within the mind/moods, but externally in the world).
For all the external chaos
For all the internal anarchy

Crossroads (the final poem has a sense of reality, not good or bad, just reality)

"Good or bad, it has to be done
Because life never stands still
And it's a long, hard road to the end"

Great poetry, looking forward to more!
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