Tormented By Ghosts: True Life Experiences

A true story of unfortunate encounters with ghosts and other otherworldly paranormal phenomena. Thirty years of coping with the paranormal with harrowing encounters, unwanted OBEs, a NDE, a horrifying visit from a demonic apparition, mysterious bone-chilling ghostly visits and simply being taunted from the other side. This is a story with many stories. You'll want to sleep with the lights on! More

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About Lynda Bogert

Lynda Bogert is a Canadian author of Tormented by Ghosts - True Life Experiences. The book is a paranormal thriller of her personal experiences. She was born and raised in Central Ontario, Canada. Lynda was a guest on KCOR Radio Real Paranormal Activity - The Podcast (S2 Episode 87) hosted by Aaron Hunter; and also featured on the first episode of Paranormal Survivor 3 titled Linda's Tug of War which aired January 2017 on the Travel Channel in the US and Travel & Escape Channel in Canada. Lynda is a country girl at heart, a lover of animals and nature. She has worked in real estate and has a background in cosmetology for the past 35 years. At an early age, Lynda went to cemeteries to read inscriptions of old headstones. Reading the headstones fascinated her to learn about past history. She had many questions about death, spirits, and the afterlife. Lynda had a spiritual awakening becoming aware of being a sensitive and an empathy. She has encountered many paranormal experiences throughout her life and it continues today. Lynda is guided by spirit to give loved one's messages and teaches others to protect themselves from negative entities. She wants to write and share her personal experiences with her readers. Lynda especially loves sharing her enlightening and phenomenal Near Death Experience to others. There is life beyond death, we all need to achieve a higher level of spirituality in this lifetime.

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