Jack and the Space Pirates

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Jack (and his pet cat, Jet) become accidentally hijacked by space pirates. Jack has to devise a plan that will lead to his freedom and the release of a gold-carrying galleon. More
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About Maxwell Grantly

Maxwell Grantly is the nom de plume of Nigel Shelton, a schoolteacher living in a small seaside town on the east coast of Great Britain. Although he has written many short stories, he does not think of himself as an author. Maxwell is, first and foremost, merely a mathematics teacher. He simply writes just because he enjoys doing so and for no other reason.

Being a schoolteacher, Maxwell Grantly enjoys reading children’s literature as part of his work as well as for recreation. However, as a writer, he does not always write books that could be described as typically suitable for the younger reader: his work is incredibly varied in both syntax and style. Maxwell produces short stories that he enjoys writing and that he enjoys reading. Sometimes he uses vocabulary and imagery that is more suited to adults. At other times, he writes directly for a younger audience. This means that some of his books may only be suitable for accomplished young readers (or for adults who might like a break from their regular reading agenda) while others may be suitable for younger readers who are still developing their literacy skills.

By not targeting his work to one particular audience and by not being a professional author, it does mean that Maxwell has an incredible freedom to branch out and simply write recreationally for his own artistic satisfaction. If you enjoy reading his stories then he is pleased that you were able to briefly enter his fantasy world too, if only for a brief ten or fifteen minutes.


Jack and the Space Pirates
Jack lives and works on EM-05, a steampunk space station found on a major trade route between Earth and Mars.


Review by: James Jenkins on Aug. 12, 2016 :
This book has several issues.

1. Currently only offered in Epub, limits what devices it can be displayed on
2. No text, all the words are images in page scans, difficult to read unless you have a large screen
3. Implausible in the extreme, the ships simply will not work in space. Space and Fantasy do not combine well
4. Very simple story line, feels like the story is limited to fit the images.
(review of free book)
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