My Brother Murdered His Neighbors

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If you've ever wondered what it's like to be the family of a murderer, my true story will show you, allowing you to experience it with me. You see my big brother, the guy who gently dabbed mud on my bee sting when I was four to ease my pain and bounced me trampoline-style on a blanket, murdered his neighbors. This heart-wrecking event devastated not only their families, but ours. More
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Trying to Make a Difference in an Indifferent World

Each of us can make a difference. Each of us can help remake the world into a more positive place. If you believe in yourself and what you are doing, nothing can stop you. As I grew up, I didn't know this. No one told me. My parents and grandparents on both sides didn't have the luxury of following their dreams. Their dreams disintegrated, as they strove to make sure they had food and shelter. They worked harder than my generation on down has ever worked. There was no welfare. There was no state support. There was just hard work or starvation. When hard times hit, they toughed it out as best they could. Some of them didn't make it.

On my own, through pain and sorrow, I learned, over time, that if I wanted the world to be a kind place, one where people fulfilled their dreams and helped each other, it had to begin with me.

One of my first steps was to write a book about a horrific family tragedy. My goal was to help people understand what it's like to have a member of one's family kill someone. When I was thirty my brother shot and killed four of his neighbors. It nearly destroyed my loving parents. It destroyed all the things I believe in. I determined to make this horrific event a catalyst for good. My first book on the subject was published in 1993. Thus began my publishing career. At this point I'm writing my twelfth book. A more comprehensive look at that tragedy is published here: My Brother Murdered His Neighbors.

The next step in my evolution began in 2001. I started watching Jerry Yarnell's School of Fine Art on OPB. I recorded the step-by-step shows, watched and rewatched them, picking up painting tips, and I began painting. I discovered Jerry's Web site and purchased more instructional material. He, alone, taught me to paint. Painting is the first activity I ever found where I become so engrossed that I lose track of time and the myriad things that weigh on me. In 2004 my husband built our Web site to display my paintings. I paint and design my own cover art. The site grew to encompass our many areas of interest. Today, he and I are both following our bliss.

To have a happy, fulfilling life I have one suggestion. No matter where your life has led you, no matter what discouragements you have experienced, find and follow your bliss - your inner dreams, the ones you may have forgotten, the ones you have yet to discover. That's what I have done, and it's worth it. It's worth it! Learn to love yourself, truly love yourself. Allow that love to radiate out to others and don't be discouraged by negative reactions. Just keep on keeping on, no matter what. Never, never, never give up. This is the way to remake the world into a positive place, one person at a time, starting with me and you. You are person of high value, worth more than you will ever know. Believe it.

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Lonelybear1 reviewed on on Sep. 24, 2017

Having just read V M Francks book my Brother murdered his neighbors, I have found this the most moving, deeply personal stories I have ever read ever to be honest. To having gone through her brother doing this and losing those so close to her at the same time it makes me wonder how she got through it all. The narrative is so good that it makes you feel how she feels, it made me cry at times perhaps the only author that has ever done this and to relate this very personal odyssey to all must have took a lot of doing to set in print.For anyone wanting a good read that you cant put down then I fully recommend this book.
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D. R. Prescott reviewed on on Nov. 24, 2016

Trying Not to Drown is a story likely best told by a person who lived it. A violent act smothered happiness, limited contentment and challenged deep-seated beliefs for a young lady caught up in the aftermath of her brother’s sudden, brutal act of murder. It is an intimate glimpse of a sister and her family dealing with a nightmare for a lifetime. She loves and loses loves while suffering the pain of death from many angles. Follow her as she wrestles with conflicting emotions, tormented by things beyond her control and, from somewhere down deep, bolstered by a surprising inner strength. This gripping tale is told in the first person by an engaging and talented writer who makes her struggle with death, love and competing priorities a poignant account of personal courage and resilience. This book might even make you rethink some of your fundamental beliefs.
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DeBorde reviewed on on Sep. 11, 2016

The title of author V. M. Franck’s book, Trying Not to Drown, couldn’t possibly be more appropriate. In this book, readers are given a close and personal glimpse into the real-life tragedy of mental illness, murder, and the devastation that it released on three families: the families of those murdered and the family of the murderer.

Based on a true life story, readers follow the book’s main character, Violet Andre, through the tragic events that propelled her life, the lives of her family, and the lives of those murdered into a world of grief, despair, sorrow, and forgiveness. Lost in a labyrinth of emotions while searching to do the right things, the main character struggles to hold her life and the lives of her loved ones together after her own brother’s mental insanity blew a hole through them.

Franck’s gift for writing gives readers a glimpse into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions surrounding herself and her family. Her ability to show their struggle to survive and not drown in the grief, the legal system that entangled them, the stigma that followed them, and the shame that gripped them is truly vivid and compelling. The writing style is so smooth and fluid, and the characters each possess unique, well-rounded traits that make them interesting to follow all on their own. There were one or two portions that were a bit slow, but that was easily overwhelmed by the poignant narrative and doesn’t subtract from the fact that I’d give it a full five stars for its impactful tone.

Reading this book will encourage others to keep on treading and learn to build new dreams. The author’s account of her 36-year-long struggle shows readers her own personal growth, understanding, and resolution to live in spite of those forces which might otherwise have drowned her.
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