Line Cooking Made Easy - The How to Line Cook Book

Learn how to line cook faster and smarter and with more ease than you thought possible. Learn all the tips, tricks, and techniques the professionals use to push out hundreds of perfect looking and tasting meals each and every day. Improve you line cooking skills and actually increase your consistency, speed, and memory when it comes to working a demanding line cook position More
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July 28, 2018
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About Beret H. Twig

I am an autodidact so I enjoy learning and then teaching others so that I can not only share my knowledge, but so that I can break it down and disassemble it for myself so I can further refine my methods and conclusions.

I have worked in kitchens, in offices, in retail, in tech support, in real estate, in the arts, in promotion, in marketing, and I tinker with engineering, physics, and computer programming in my free time.

I write primarily non-fiction, but I might just entertain the idea one day...


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