Everlasting Flame

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Joan becomes involved in a war that will change her life forever. She discovers that the world holds many secrets, even magic beyond her wildest dreams. The existence of immortality drove humanity to the edge. Humans are hunting Joan's kind to extinction. Circumstances force her to act. She wishes to put an end to the slaughter of innocent Tainted Beings. Only she has the courage to step up. More
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About Katelyn Anderson

Katelyn Anderson was born in New Zealand and is a proud Kiwi. She loves writing, watching anime, marathoning TV series and travelling. She loves being lost in books, which is why she created her own world, a world she wants to share with others. Fantasy is her favourite genre.

Katelyn has been working on the Tainted Souls Trilogy for the past few years. She has rewritten the books several times, adding new characters and plots. The world she created changes a lot and she is awfully picky with her characters. Every character is different and has their own unique personality. She treats her characters like people. That's something that makes her books special.

The last two books are a work in progress, so please be patient. It is definitely worth the wait.

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Review by: Topsues on April 11, 2017 :
This is the first book I have read by the author Katelyn Anderson. It is also the first book review I have given a 5 star rating. I don't like giving spoilers as I believe everyone has different expectations from novels, and should experience this great book themselves. But what I will say is that the author has written a story that drew me in and wouldn't let me go until I finished it. I easily found myself at 2am, fighting with myself to put the book down. I don't think there was an emotion I didn't feel throughout the story, there was heartbreak, love, confusion, intrigue, suspense, loyalty, etc. It was written so well I was able to imagine and feel each character, I laughed and cried. Each chapter could switch the characters on a pin head. I would love to continue reading this series, and I will certainly be keeping my eyes out for other books written by this author
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Review by: Corey Walters on March 07, 2017 :
Fantastic tale of a young woman growing up in a world fraught with danger at every turn. You will experience excitement, joy and despair among a whole range of other emotions through following the journey of Joan's battles to right the wrongs in her world.

Very, very difficult book to put down especially with certain gritty scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat.

The hilarious friendship between Lorenzo and Damian is another highlight of the tale that keeps the pages turning.

Awesome beginning to the series! Eagerly anticipating the rest of the story :)
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Review by: Lauren Hassan on Oct. 21, 2016 :
Note: I received a review copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion.

Can I just say WOW!! Whilst this book took me a little bit to get emotionally involved, when I was it was a rollercoaster of emotions! It had me on edge, laughing and crying with the characters. Also, THAT ENDING!!!! SERIOUSLY!! WHAT WAS THAT ENDING! *Ahem* I've had stern words with the author (AKA my friend) and she was apologetic... but not at the same time. This book broke me in a lot of ways.

I absolutely LOVE Joan. She was hilariously sassy and didn't know when to stop. She is one of those characters that you just wish existed because you know she will be your best friend if she did. She never held back, even if she knew it would get her into trouble. I loved that she treated everyone the same, despite ranking, and she would put you on your arse if the occasion called for it. She does a certain something to a certain Russian... lets just say CRINGEWORTHY!! Pretty sure Katelyn was laughing at my hilarious spam the entire time. She goes through a lot throughout the entire book and it makes you want to wrap her up in bubble wrap and never let her go. I felt so sorry for her it was unreal!

Dane is my new babe. Lets put it that way! He absolutely scared the hell out of me and he was still a character, by the end of the book, that I would not want to run into in a dark alleyway. However, I, personally, think that he is misunderstood. I think there is more to him than meets the eye and I cannot wait to find out what his story is! I'm so excited for the next book because I want to know what made him the way he is! He is ruthless, constantly threatening Joan and generally a pretty creepy guy!

Lorenzo and Damian are the fictional family members that I don't have! I loved them both, but I didn't entirely ship Lorenzo with Joan. For me, they were more like a brother sister relationship, rather than a couple. *ahem* Dane *Ahem*. They were both hilarious and sarcastic, but they were also serious when they needed to be. They both help Joan when she needs it most and they are generally cute! I really want to know more about Damian and his past - which we briefly touch on, but I am definitely looking forward to getting to know him more. I would've liked to have seen more of Damian within the book, but his wife is pretty scary... so I guess it's probably better that we didn't!

Cyrus.... Where do I even begin with Cyrus?? He is a ruthless assassin who only really cares about himself... until he does something really nice to redeem himself - and then he goes and does a dick move!! SERIOUS DICK MOVE!!!! He needs to be shot really... but no one comes close because he is the worlds best assassin... go figure! I want to know more about him and I hope he can really redeem himself because what he did was NOT COOL!

The plot itself was absolutely AMAZING. There were so many plot twists and there was never really a quiet moment where you could, as a reader, take a breath and calm down. I say this because, everything came one after the other after the other, which all led up to the horrible, horrible ending. I don't know enough words to do the plot justice, just know that it was great! And you guys seriously need to get in on this book!

That ending BROKE ME UP INTO A THOUSAND PIECES!!!! I was bawling like a baby, spamming the author and telling her that I hate her. It was THAT BAD!! I still don't forgive Katelyn for that! Seriously. Ugh... its one of those endings that you really don't want to talk about because it was so awful, but you need to talk about it because it was important to the story and without it, it wouldn't have worked. This doesn't mean I'm happy. Im royally miffed. I actually put the book down and didn't want to read the last 10%. Yeah... *DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BREATHS!!!*

The only real issue I had with this book was that it took me a little bit to actually get into the book itself. I found it a little difficult to become emotionally attached because I wasn't feeling the characters grief - if that makes sense? However, that all changed pretty quickly and when I did get into it, it was AMAZING!!!

I absolutely loved this book and I cannot wait to read more from this series! I really want to get to know Dane and Damian more because I NEED to know their stories. Also... still holding out hope here for DANE AND JOAN!! Because I totally ship them. Even if Dane is REALLY scary and constantly threatening to shoot Joan. With reason because she is sassy and doesn't know when to shut up :-P I cannot wait for the next instalment in this series and gave this book 4/5 stars!
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Review by: Melanie Hostetler on Oct. 10, 2016 :
I loved this book!! It spans several years. You get to grow with the main character, Joan and feel what she feels.. It is an awesome read!! A long book, which I loved also. I can't wait for the next book. Cyrus, Lorenzo, and could it be Dane?? Who will she end up with? Or is it someone we have yet to meet.. ?? You've done and excellent job on this book Katelyn Anderson!! Thank you for sharing with us!!
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Review by: Karen Tomlinson on Sep. 26, 2016 :
This book was an enjoyable ride! The characters were great and kept me wanting to read more. I loved the banter and sass between Joan and the others! She seems to do a lot of growing in this book but still has more to sort out with herself. I am disappointed in you Lorenzo…! That’s all I’m saying….! The writing is good but perhaps the book could have been tightened up a little in parts. I got a little confused with the plot and motivations for the characters at times but despite that I was still hooked and wanted to keep reading! I enjoyed this book and am really looking forward to book 2!
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Review by: Ivan Cintron on Sep. 05, 2016 :
Well now I have a slight hate towards you and your characters but hey the book was super awesome and it was better than I expected. I love how Joan took her tragedy and turned it into an opportunity even though it was taking her towards the wrong path, Lorenzo was always her anchor keeping her light shinning, Cyrus was an jerk and Dane oh don't even get me started it on him. Damian is bad ass! Now lets go to the angel of death, our dear Joan. Her life was a mess from the day she was orphaned yet she became bad ass and I would have loved seeing her become as bad ass as her uncle but Cyrus had to ruing everything even if it was to save her though I understand why he did it and I sure hope so that she becomes the angel of death again and destroy the agency bringing the peace she wants and not end the world like the council thinks she will....
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Review by: yvonne yap on Sep. 01, 2016 :
A great book to get yourself lost in....Hope the second book will be out soon.
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Review by: Gabriel Brown on Aug. 11, 2016 :
I absolutely loved this, This book is Phenomenal. Joan's story is one I'll definitely love to continue.
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Review by: Cassie James on Aug. 05, 2016 :
This book was everything packed in one. The journey of Joan from a young innocent girl to the strong badass woman she is now is one everyone has to read. The action scenes are superb, The plot engrossing, The Romance entrancing. Seeing the love triangle between Joan, Lorenzo and Cyrus is like my favorite guilty pleasure. This book is a thrilling ride of fun, excitement, tension and is literally one of the most badass YA novels of 2016. Katelyn Anderson's debut is one of a kind. This is a series I definitely will not mind following up. I can recommend this to everyone who like badass powerful heroines with a touch of vulnerability that just makes them so damn irresistible. I immensely enjoyed this book and I so can't wait for the second book in the series. The magic in this book is quite unique and while different is definitely formidable. Joan becoming an assassin and an agent is one tale I loved and who she was before the ending was equally fascinating. Be prepared for a devastating ending that leaves you quite anxious for the next book. Everlasting Flame is a tale of love, loyalty ,humor, friendship, power and will.
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