Six o' clock in somewhere, and many hours later somewhere else

Many texts make up the narrative that you will read in the following pages for the text is a game, a game that may take you a few hours to play, or it may take 6 months, it is a game in which you may be captured and ensnared and enthralled, or it is one which in which you cast the pages aside for they are superfluous and inconsequential, dull. More

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About Barbara Adair

Barbara Adair is a South African novelist and some times travel writer.

Her first novel, In Tangier We Killed the Blue Parrot (Jacana, 2005), a fictional account of the lives of Paul Bowles and Jane Bowles in Tangier, was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction award. Her second novel, End (Jacana, 2009), is a pastiche based on the movie Casablanca set in Johannesburg and Maputo; it was shortlisted for the African Regional Commonwealth Prize.

Barbara has also published many articles in such publications as: Sunday Independent (South Africa), Sunday Times (South Africa), Weekender (South Africa), Horizon (British Airways), Selamtra (Ethiopian Airways), New Contrast Literary Journal (South Africa), From the Great Wall to the Grand Canyon (US publication), and Sensitive Skin Magazine (NYC).

6h00 in somewhere, and many hours later somewhere else is her first self-published book.

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