A Book for Oreo

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Every now and then you meet someone and instantly know they are special. This is an amazing love story of a cat named Oreo and the woman he picked to be his mom. Oreo was famous for getting into mischief and compromising situations. You will laugh at his antics and keep wondering what he will do next!

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Review by: Jenna Brewster on Nov. 1, 2016 :
have had several cats over the years, so I was definitely able to relate on many levels to the author in “A Book for Oreo”. I have never read a book like this before, but I feel almost like it could have been written by me. My cats have always felt more like ‘children’ to me, and losing them is as devastating as losing a real person… maybe even more so in some cases. So I was certainly able to relate to Ms. Jardine’s grief. But also had a great time with all the other fun adventures and reminded me why having a cat is so amazing! Nothing like it! I think this book felt very well-rounded, spiritual, and was time well spent reading it. Thank you to the author for sharing this wonderful story and I hope to read more from her in in the future.
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Review by: Claire Middleton on Oct. 31, 2016 :
"A Book For Oreo” is a powerful, memorable book and easy to read. Great storyline with an underlying message of faith and spirituality that teaches God’s love for animals and our role as caretakers. I thought Caralee A. Jardine’s writing felt very real and candid and I loved the pictures!! It was funny and sweet, but this story also has deeply touching moments as well. Some younger readers might find the ending a bit tough to take, but it is a valuable and real lesson that we all go through in life. Minor proofing issues, but a good read, recommended for teens and older.
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Review by: Nicole Hastings on Oct. 25, 2016 :
"A Book For Oreo” was amazing. I liked not only the Christian messages, but the life lessons as well. Ms. Jardine has a wonderful way of writing that is so down to earth and relatable, like a friend is telling you this really great story that you want to keep listening to. I went through the range of emotions on this one, from happiness, to chuckles, to fear, to sadness… was actually surprised how much it affected me (especially the end) as I own several pets over my life and have been there myself. I could relate to Ms. Jardine’s raw emotion and was touched by the purity and depth of her love. But like I said, there are also wonderful messages from God and the bible here that help us in times like this and show us that the love never really dies. . The story flows from scene to scene effortlessly, and the author shows exceptional ability when it comes to storytelling for readers of all ages. Recommend!
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Review by: Anabella Johnson on Oct. 24, 2016 :
wow, okay tears! I never expected this book to affect me the way that it did! Even though in the opening we know that Oreo has already passed, I feel like once we got to know him and live life with him, when it happens again at the end I was so sad!! Such a moving story, and so much more than just being about some ordinary cat. Oreo, and Ms. Jardine’s relationship with him, was truly something special and something that many pet owners will easily relate to. Even non pet owners will have a fun time reading about this precious cat and what an adorable, mischievous boy he was! Hats off to the author for sharing their story and for donating proceeds to animal charities. That is extremely kind. Recommend.
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Review by: Jean007 on Oct. 24, 2016 :
Caralee A. Jardine has a great way of sharing her stories. Her descriptions are vivid yet not overdone; you see what she is seeing and feeling, and you feel like you know Oreo personally… are there in their world with them as they experience the highs and lows of life, from beginning to end. The ending is quite heartbreaking and sad… but extremely powerful. Something that anyone who has experienced grief or great loss can understand. Overall had much more spiritual depth and complexity than I was initially expecting for a book about a cat, but was an inspiring, uplifting read, even if some parts were quite sad. I would like to thank Ms. Jardine for this candid look into her life, her love for Oreo and her tragic loss… but we are all better for having known him, even for a short while.
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