Unscrambled Eggs

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Unscrambled Eggs was written over a five year period and is an honest and thought-provoking book that deals with everyday life issues. It is a stirring compilation of poems about living your dream and finding one's purpose. More
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Nadia Janice Brown’s poetry and articles have appeared in national and international magazines, and literary journals. She is the author of the award-winning book, Unscrambled Eggs and the founder of Author & Book Promotions-- a book promotion service and resource directory for authors. http://www.author-promotions.com

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Review by: radams3691 on Nov. 26, 2017 :
I love to read and write poetry so I got a copy of this book. I really enjoyed the authors writing and style. She really put her heart into these poems and shared them with the world. You really feel what the Author was feeling when she wrote them.
The title Unscrambles Eggs came from her first poem in this book. She says “I can no more unscramble eggs than change the past”. That is so true to me and that one line says a lot.
Autumn Falls Softly is my favorite poem in this book. I just loved that one although the other poems are great too. I recommend this book to all poetry lovers. I really enjoyed it.
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Review by: Oghenemaro on Nov. 4, 2017 :
Nadia Brown poetry collection “Unscrambled Eggs” is definitely high art, it's uplifting and easy to read with a free form of writing, her emotions are such that everyone can identify with but takes a little bit more to understand each poem perfectly and as such the ‘common man’ might have issues getting the message of each poem. I can say she's under the ‘modernist writer’ because their language use is a bit technical and that's the same language set she uses in her work of poetry.
Going through the poetry, I felt a sort of connection in the sense that, her poetry touches your soul and helps you relate in a way that some poets never allow. These poems cover a wide range of the human experience, including dreams, fears, identity, love, emotions, growth, abandonment and also pain. I enjoyed reading many of the poems in this collection and I love Novelty and Ms. Ordinary and as such I can relate well with them.
Novelty made me think, I love the twist at the end and as such didn't expect the end. It was an amazing read and I love the fact that the poems are short and precise and kind of makes you think. The beauty of the poem is how you read it and never get tired of reading it over again.
The arrangements need to be worked on. It's a short poem, but won't be a bad idea to divide it into stanzas, no matter how short they are.
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Review by: Taylor on Oct. 31, 2017 :
Unscrambled Eggs is an incredible collection of poems that will speak right to your heart. This author masterfully crafts each poem with descriptive language, imagery and powerful emotions. The poems are relatively short, but so great that I devoured the entire collection in two sittings. Even though I’ve finished the book, I saved my favorite poems and I know I’ll revisit them often. My favorite poem in this collection was “Farewell to Hardship.” This poetry collection is engaging, relatable, personal, and packs a strong emotional punch.You'll connect with this author through the words of every poem and see yourself reflected back in the words. I’ll definitely be keeping Unscrambled Eggs on my shelf for years to come and recommending this collection to family and friends.
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Review by: Bella Marks on May 22, 2016 :
In today's busy world of social media accounts, cell phones, photo sharing and private messages, it can be pretty easy to forget that not too long ago, people cared more about the meaning of life and where they fit in, than they cared about checking their "likes" or "views".

With thoughtful eloquence, Nadia Brown brings some of life's deepest questions to the surface. Open and vulnerable, she pours her heart and soul into all 66 pages of this book. Evoking feelings of longing for a purpose, of obtaining a simplistic life, holding onto the promise of love and hope for a better tomorrow, I was gripped from beginning to end. Unscrambled Eggs is written with the cadence of a far off place and time, transporting you plot by plot into the poems themselves making you the main character.

I dare you to start reading this and be able to put it down and walk away without finishing it; better yet, I dare you to finish this book with the ability to walk away unchanged by it's contents. I know couldn't, especially after reading the poem "Sea Of Poor"

Our eyes close like blinds
to their quandary
how we sit on our hands
as we abet their plight
their suffering is bolstered
with the lost of clemency
as we gain more worldly things
they are left poverty

In a country of gold and ledger
lies a sea of poor
living in calamity
and discontentment
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