Charming Girls: Adult Coloring Book (Stress-Relaxing Series) : 40 Awesome, Beautiful Elegant Hair Patterns of Charming Girls Designs to Color

Coloring books for adults have becoming the latest trend and best stress reducing activities. It has also been shown to increase your creativity and train your brain. It will provide you with hours of quiet, contemplative and enjoyment. You will benefit by reducing your stress and anxiety at the end of the day.

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About Jessie Sue Rose

I have engaged in children education for more than ten years. At the same time, I teach them painting. Painting attaches great importance to the senses and feelings. If you want to draw a great picture, you need have good powers of observation and have intentions to experience everything.

In addition, painting is a way of expressing emotion. You can express your inner joy and sorrow through painting. On the other hand, it can also reflect your feelings when you are painting and coloring.

hen you feel happy, your painting reflects the hope and expectation. On the contrary, when you are depressed, your sorrow and sadness will be presented.
–Jessie Sue Rose

In recent years, I feel pressure in people's lives is difficult to release. I hope coloring books can help those whether adults or children can stay away from all their worries through those coloring books. I also hope they can love everything in nature and colors in their painting. Furthermore, they can also realize that all things created by God are good.

I love to paint. Because painting has changed my attitudes, it lets me more concentrated on my work.
–Jessie Sue Rose
I am convinced that painting is one of the best ways to forget troubles and stress.
–Jessie Sue Rose

Beauty is always connected with happiness and joy in life.
I am convinced that beautiful things can bring happiness and hope to people. I really hope these beautiful artworks and coloring books can accompany your everyday life and give more abundant life to everyone.

All of my coloring books are drawn by myself. I complete them by a single movement of a pen slowly. I hope everyone can enjoy in painting. At the same time, you can also experience my mood when I was painting. Furthermore, you can feel closer to God. I wish you can unleash the creative talents God has given you in a meaningful way.

Finally, through these paintings, I wish to share you about one sentence: "Although every life has its roses and thorns, but through all things created by Him, we can always appreciate His eternal love."
Beauty is a gift from God. I hope that I can share God’s love with you through all my paintings.

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