Moon Magic: Six Book Starter Library for lovers of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance featuring werewolves, coyote shifters, and beasts of all kinds...

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Strap in and enjoy a rollicking ride through worlds of magic with six sizzling series starters from some of today’s hottest urban fantasy storytellers. Scratch the surface of the real world to find alchemy, were-creatures, and witches waiting! But be sure to keep your hands inside the ride at all times – because love just might bite... More
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About Aimee Easterling

Aimee Easterling wasn't raised by wolves, but she did spend the first ten years of her life running wild in their habitat. Since then, she's backpacked across three continents, spent over a decade homesteading half a mile from the nearest road, and now unearths excitement amid fictional werewolf packs.

Her USA Today bestselling books straddle the line between urban fantasy and paranormal romance...because everyone deserves a pack, a mate, and an adventure. Download your free starter library when you sign up for her email list:

Or dive into a new series. Recommended reading order:

Wolf Rampant series (Shiftless is FREE)
Alpha Underground series
Wolf Legacy series
Moon Marked series (Wolf's Bane is FREE)
Moon Blind series
Moon-Crossed Wolves series
Samhain Shifters series
Dragon Mage series

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Avid Reader reviewed on Aug. 23, 2016


This is a review of Shiftless, but I'll be updating my review shortly to include the other books in this great collection. Aimee Easterling is fast becoming my favorite author of the paranormal genre. Her storyline captivates and her characters are well developed and their behavior and dialog realistic. The story centers on Tara, who grew up in a pack led by her powerful alpha father who had little sympathy for a young girl unable to control her shifts to wolf. Instead of compassion, she received disgust and over time suppressed her wolf until she was unable to shift at all, I.e., shiftless. After fleeing her father when he told her on her seventeenth birthday that she was going to be married, she lived in the human world and kept herself isolated because she was always afraid that she would shift involuntarily. Her father approaches her ten years later, stating that he needs an heir and that Tara must bring her nephew, Keith, to him or she must return to marry a werewolf of his choosing. While in town, she runs into Wolfie, a powerful alpha who is in wolf form with his Beta, Chase, and later again when she is visiting her brother-in-law and contemplating turning Keith over to her father. The relationship builds between Tara and Wolfie and Tara realizes she can't allow Keith to be subjected to her overbearing father. Unfortunately, her father and his crew take Keith and Wolfie and his small group of outcasts are left with the dilemma of how to save him. Great read and would recommend to those who enjoy a good shifter story.
(review of free book)
thegleam reviewed on Aug. 23, 2016

Awesome collection of great stories and authors!

Shiftless by Aimee Easterling 5 stars: I loved Terra and Wolfie!
I really enjoyed this story about Terra, a lone wolf and Wolfie, the alpha of an outcast pack of wolves.

A great concept in having a lone female wolf that is strong and independent. Terra ran away from her pack at 17 and hasn’t looked back since. When her father does find her he issues her an ultimatum for returning to the pack. Terra has a chance encounter with Wolfie in a bookstore and again when she goes to meet the nephew she didn’t know about. Wolfie shows her that there is more than just bad alphas.

Terra learns more about her wolf, Wolfie and true pack life in a short time. It’s a sweet story, I loved Wolfie and his backwards nature as much as I loved how strong Terra was.

Curse of the Alpha ( 1 & 2) by Tasha Black: Team Erik!
Ainsley hasn’t been home since she left for college over 10 years ago. But she has a plan – get in, prep the house to sell and get back out to her life in New York. Only things aren’t going smoothly for her. Ainsley is drawing attention from the town and the people that want her to stay.

I was drawn into this story and wanted to know more about who Ainsley could trust and who she should be wary of. I am definitely rooting for team Erik. Erik was a childhood friend and now he just needs to man up and sit down and talk to her, not just do what is best. Then there’s Julian, the visiting professor that Ainsley is drawn towards. I just couldn’t see how Ainsley would be lured in by him, but she was.

This does end as a cliff hanger and you’ll want to immediately dive into the next book. So have it ready to go.
(review of free book)
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