Five Days Her Slave

Adult Erotica
I made a mistake, it was a blip in a near perfect employment record, the kind of thing most bosses would forgive or overlook. Not my boss, Veronica Winters wasn’t the forgiving sort and I had just given her the ammunition she needed to destroy me. If I wanted any chance at the life I had hoped for, I would have to submit.

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About Natasha Lee

“The freak comes out at night” is the perfect quote to describe Natasha Lee. The native New Yorker relocated to the Sunshine State where she lives the quiet, unassuming life of a medical professional by day but, after dusk her focus shifts to the dark and sensual. She has always had a great appreciation for the written word and began writing short stories at an early age. While her penned works focus on the erotic that is far from her only interest.
She is an avid reader and when her nose isn’t buried in a book of the supernatural variety, she’s either drawing, catching up with her favorite superheroes on the small or the big screen or she’s traveling.
If you want to find out about future books or what is pulling her attention away from completing her newest story you can email her at:

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