A Sinking Nation

The United States has accumulated $19 trillion in debt. Learn exactly what it means for your future and the future of our country. What will it take to fix it? A Sinking Nation provides an explanation of the issues involving U.S. deficits and deficits in a clear, concise and understandable manner. More

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About Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall is a tax consultant, CPA and author who masterfully unlocks the mystery of our nation's debt and deficit in his first book "A Sinking Nation". Marshall is also the mastermind behind the blog debtanddeficit.com.

Marshall specialized in helping entrepreneurs and high net-worth families with financial management and tax consulting.

Marshall started his own tax consulting firm in 2001 after working as a senior tax manager for one of the 4 largest accounting firms in the world and as an expert with their Washington National tax office.

He now brings his expertise to clients nationwide.

His first book and active blog are now key text for explaining the financial problems in Washington and how a failure to address them will effect us all.

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