Climate-Proof Your Personal Finances: How (and Where) to Safeguard Your Family's Budget and Lifestyle

Less about drought, more about rising prices, threats to your job, and the endangered value of your home. Less about sea-level rise, more about your taxes, fees and insurance costs. "Climate-Proof examines how global warming is threatening your personal finances, your future lifestyle and your family’s dreams, with actions steps you can take to protect family and community. More

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About David W. Stookey

Like many Americans, David Stookey has become concerned by the dangers from global warming. Unlike most, however, David has been looking beyond cracking soil and higher tides to the everyday impacts of warming on the average American's wallet and way of life. What expenses in the family budget are likely to balloon? Where should we live to enjoy better economic protection from climate change? What are the right skills for a changing workplace?

His interest in financial issues comes from a career as vice-president at an economic forecasting firm, CEO of high-tech venture-backed companies, business-literacy trainer to Fortune 500 firms, business consultant in Tehran, debt collector in Hong Kong, and a Harvard MBA.

Stookey’s appreciation of the natural world has been molded by climbing expeditions in the Sierra Nevada, a solo transatlantic sailing race, a year living off the grid, and other experiences he treasures.
In his community, his efforts to help neighbors protect themselves from the effects of warming include an annual Energy Independence Day Expo and a year-long Neighborhood Energy Challenge in partnership with his state electric/gas utility. He serves on the board of ecoRI News, a regional environmental news service.

Stookey is president of the Savvy Families Institute, helping to educate Americans about the personal financial threats that lie ahead thanks to warming, and the many steps they can take to dodge them.

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