O Poder das Folhas: Banhos, Defumações & Magias

Aprenda os segredos e mistérios de como criar banhos, defumações e rituais mágicos através do poder das plantas e folhas sagradas em O PODER DAS FOLHAS.

A natureza carrega em si um universo de segredos e encantos e é a partir de seus mistérios que são criados os mais poderosos remédios para o corpo e para a alma. É chegada a hora de despertar a magia que há dentro de você! More

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About Diego de Oxóssi

Gaucho based in São Paulo, I have a degree in Business Processes at Anhembi Morumbi University and Integral Systemic Coach formed by FEBRACIS.

Priest of Kimbanda and Bàbálórìsà in Candomblé, I work with personal development, spiritual guidance and advisement through the Jogo de Búzios (an African divination oracle) in whole Brazil and foreign countries, and I also keep my Religious Temple in city ??of Mairiporã (metropolitan region of São Paulo).

Consecrated as priest in Traditional Kimbanda in 2009 by Priestess Ieda of Eshu King of the 7 Crossroads - `Sir 7`, as we call him -, I received my religious rights in 2011 and my coronation in 2014, remaining under the "Sir 7 flag" to the present day.

In 2010 I was initiated to the Orisha Oxóssi in Candomblé tradition of Ketu, by the hands of Bàbálórìsà Rodney Oxóssi, religious path in which remain bound to the present day.

For over 14 years I dedicate myself to research, development and presentation of courses, lectures and workshops on pagan and African-Brazilian religions, forms of regional expression and ways of integrating their rituals in society.

In 2015, I edited my first book - "Unveiling Eshu: the Guardian of the Roads" (Desvendando Exu: o Guardião dos Caminhos [portuguese edition only]) - where I demystify this so controversial character of African religions and demonstrate that, despite the name, Eshu is not the Devil, but a great defender and fellow faithful.

In 2016 I have been working on the edition of my new book "The Power of Leaves - Creating Magic Baths and Shamanic Fumigation" (O Poder das Folhas: Banhos, Defumações & Magias), to be released in December 2016.

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