Beauty, The Invisible, Episode 1

Bella has a problem - she's started seeing shadows, hearing thoughts and experiencing things that are just beyond the realm of what's normal. Not only that, but she has attracted the attention of a bad group of people.

This is the first episode in the Invisible series, a series of supernatural Christian that will introduce you to a group of extraordinary people who possess extraordinary abilities More
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  • Category: Fiction » Christian » Fantasy
  • Words: 22,250
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370569786
About Janean Worth

What can I say? I love to write! I love creating fantastical stories and crafting intense, personal characters that speak to my readers. I aim to write stories that intrigue and that my readers enjoy. After all, why are readers reading, if not to be transported by the story into another world/time/place for a few moments?

My favorite genres to write in are Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I like to mix them up. I like writing cross-genre fiction, so my Science Fiction has elements of Action Adventure, Contemporary, often Dystopian, sometimes Romance, and quite often Fantasy too. Recently, I've become fascinated with Suspense and Thriller writing as well. I'm currently working on a genre-bending Suspense trilogy.

I currently have six books available:
Mind Mods - Teen Sci-fi - Nanobots are modifying the minds of teenager without their will!
Infected (Mind Mods, book 2) - Teen Sci-fi - When everyone else is infected with nanobots, its dangerous to know the cure!
Brain Bots (Mind Mods, book 3) - The infection of mind-bending nanobots is out of control!

The Narrow Gate - YA Dystopian Sci-Fi Fantasy - After the Fall of the Days of Tech, the world is a harsh and desolate place. Protected behind a massive Gate, the citizens of GateWide live out their days in the shadow of an evil Sovereign.

When Mathew unexpectedly becomes a Stray, his whole life changes. Suddenly he must leave behind everything he’s ever known or face life as a slave in the Sovereign’s House. His only chance is to escape into the wilderness, but with no skills to help him endure that harsh and dangerous environment, there is little hope that he’ll survive.

When he stumbles across a fellow Stray, one with a strange need to do the right thing even if it endangers her own life, he thinks he just might have a chance. But he soon discovers that the forbidden device that he possesses puts him in far more danger than he ever imagined.

Hunted by the Sovereign’s Enforcers and surrounded by mutated creatures in the vast wilderness, Mathew must learn to do more than just survive. He must find a way to live.

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