Cows' Milk Drinkers Are Happier, Healthier, And Live Longer

Meta-analyses show that people, who drink the most milk, have the lowest IHD, strokes, diabetes, and overall total death rates.

Women, who drink the most milk, have 15% less breast cancer.
Women, who consume the most low-fat dairy, are 46% less likely to get PMS.

And, Vegans get 30% more bone fractures than milk-drinkers.

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The average Australian Animal-Eater eats more than 1000 animals in a life-time.

But, it only takes 1 Australian Dairy Cow, 1 to 2 years in a Dairy,
to provide you with a life-time supply of milk.

Unfortunately, and partly because of Vegan Anti-Milk Propaganda,
most Ex-Vegans, go back to eating more than 1000 animals.

Instead of drinking milk from just 1.

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