The Dodona Prophecy (The Medusa Legacy, Book 2)

Mandy Burkardt faces harrowing adventures trying to escape ancient Greece before the spell becomes permanent, trapping her there forever. Meanwhile, present-day immortals wreak havoc on the city of Chicago, preparing for her return. Bringing legend back to life in this fantasy thriller, the Dodona Prophecy takes readers to ancient Greece -- a time of gods, oracles, witches and monsters. More

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About the Series: The Medusa Legacy
A completed Greek mythology inspired trilogy, 3 fast-paced fantasy thrillers: The Medusa Deception, The Dodona Prophecy, The Olympus Reckoning.
Ever wonder what happened to the gods of ancient Greece? The ones left behind after Zeus, having forsaken humanity, sealed the doors to Olympus?
Where did they go? What did they do?
What if there was but one hope. A prophecy. That someday, someone of such raw undiluted power would come and restore glory to the stranded and exiled immortals of earth.
What if that time was now?

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