You Are Not Alone : Stories From The Front Lines Of Womanhood

In May 2014, inspired by the hashtag #YesAllWomen, 10 women came together to share their stories of being a woman in today's world - stories of harassment and assault; also stories of sisterhood and joy. They were willing to be vulnerable and admit not only how they have been hurt, but also how they have hurt others. No matter what you have experienced: YOU ARE NOT ALONE More
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About Leah Carey

Leah Carey is a real-life storyteller. Whether she’s telling other people’s stories in her work as a journalist, or she’s helping other people tell their own stories in writing and onstage, or she's sharing the lessons she learns in her own life through blogging, she is dedicated to helping us understand ourselves and each other through telling the stories of everyday life. Too often we bypass those stories, believing they are unimportant. But they are, in fact, the building blocks of what makes each of us who we are: different, but never alone.

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