Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors, Vol.6: Hellde's Return; Revenge of the Sugaar's Curse; Hero's Return

Takes place a few months after the events of "Battle to Save Humanity & Empyrean", the death of the last of the "Ken Slayer Four", the aftermath of Evan's severe lost against his arch-nemesis, and the return of the fiendish man with the powers of the esoteric; everything is thrown into chaos, as the Sugaars rises from the ashes, of their dimensional plane, and the last two Ken Slayers rest in Mt. More

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This book participated in the 2016 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Stats, as of November 22, 2016:
39246 words completed (goal: 50000)
Average words/day: 5606

About Beckett Baldwin

Author of both "Celestial/Terrestrial Warriors" ("Tentai/ chijō no senshi") 天体/地上の戦士 and "Saintly/Angelic Warriors" ("Seijin/ tenshi no senshi") 聖人/天使の戦士.

In 2005, he began his journey into writing his magnum opuses of both the series. In March 2005, he began working on the "Celestial-Terrestrial Warriors: The Daylight of the Lost Spiritual Awakening" ("Tentai - chijō u~oriāzu: Hajimari") ("天体-地上ウォリアーズ:はじまり"), through his handwriting, in order to work on his penmanship. In April, he began his other magnum opus, "Saintly/Angelic Warriors: The Commencement of the Mystical Souls of Templar" 聖人/天使ウォリアーズ:開始について"), and juggled them both, while he's going to school in order to work hard in his AP classes. A lot of influences behind his work was studying many Japanese comic books (Mangas), and using parts of their elements in order to make a series that'll stand the test of time as well. Much of which heavily influenced his drawing style, as equally his style of writing as well.

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