The Book of Methuselah

This is a short Apocryphal work of fiction that exists inside the chapter headings of Conquest: Rise of the Fifth Horseman. These fifty verses contain the backstory behind the award-wining first installment of The SciFan™ Series. More
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About Richard M. Mulder

Richard M. Mulder is the leading founder of the SciFan Movement at
He began his writing career on accident. He was a 12-year-old who was keen on keeping an accurate journal, and one day he ran out of writing space. So, he turned to his computer and created a password-protected document entitled “The Secret Journal”. After several months he had written a sufficient amount of content about a girl he was crushing on, and made the colossal mistake of allowing his best friend the exclusive ability to read a portion of it. Rumors began to fly around his Junior High School that Richard was writing a novel about the girl he was crushing on, and then the fateful day came when said girl confronted Richard about it. He tried to dispel the rumors, but was unsuccessful. She demanded the ability to read the content he had written.

Mortally embarrassed, Richard spent the next week painstakingly editing the content and changing the names in “The Secret Journal” until he had created a mini novella with a fun little story. When Richard finally delivered a copy of the novella to his crush, she broke the news to him that her family was moving out of town the following week. Heartbroken, he turned back to “The Secret Journal” to express his feelings metaphorically.

As the years passed, Richard discovered his passion for writing as “The Secret Journal” underwent hundreds of content edits until it became a 228-page novel with an entirely different storyline about entirely original characters. After receiving multiple rejection letters, Richard opted to self-publish through a vanity publishing house. In November of 2003, Richard became an 18-year-old published author.

Several articles were written about him in local newspapers, and Richard hosted two book signing events at local bookstores. His novel had been garnering a modest royalty for a year, when his publisher contacted him and explained that they were being acquired by another vanity publisher. They further explained to him that under the terms and conditions of the new vanity publisher, Richard would be required to pay a sum of $500.00 per year to keep his book on the shelves.

This announcement couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time. His parents had recently divorced, and all of his income was being swallowed up by his struggles to support himself and his two younger brothers. Because of his unfortunate circumstances, Richard opted to let “The Secret Journal” expire.

As the years passed, Richard never gave up his dream to be a successful author. He continued to write whenever and wherever he could.

Another fateful day arrived when he met the woman of his dreams. Her brilliant red hair and dimpled smile made him swoon, and Richard couldn’t get over the fact that her name “Alicia Ann” was strikingly similar to the love interest in his expired novel, “Alicia Brianne”. Unable to hold in his exuberance, he showed her the passage in “The Secret Journal” where Alicia Brianne was first introduced. Feeling intimidated, she proceeded to ignore him for the next three months.

Richard was persistent however, and obtained an invitation to her brother’s birthday party. While there, he made his move. One week later they were engaged, and four months later they were married. Today, Richard and Alicia Ann have been married for seven years and they now have two beautiful little boys. Richard continues to write, and published the first book in The Fifth Horseman Series: CONQUEST: RISE OF THE FIFTH HORSEMAN.

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