Flex Cop: A Police Officer's Creative Approach to Conflict

A former Cincinnati police officer with a 30-year police career recounts his experience using totally outside-the-box approaches to manage and resolve conflict. On the Cincinnati police force Mr. Gardner was given responsibility for the most volatile cases because he developed such effective—though unconventional—ways of dealing with these dangerous situations. More
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About Mark Andreas

Mark Andreas is author of the nonfiction books “Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 stories of creative and compassionate ways out of conflict,” a collection of true stories of how people responded to conflicts in creative outside-the-box ways that most people would never think of, and “Waltzing with Wolverines: finding connection and cooperation with troubled teens,” a collection of stories and principles for working with youth based on Mark’s time leading groups of at-risk teens 24-7 for three week shifts at a wilderness therapy program in Colorado (both books available on Amazon). Mark lives in Boulder CO, where he runs an NLP Change Coaching private practice for individuals from around the world, meeting both in-person and over Skype (www.markandreas.com). Mark trains NLP throughout the US and internationally, including training for NLP of the Rockies in Colorado. Contact Mark through his website: www.markandreas.com.

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