How To Invest In Yourself For A Great ROI!

Self Improvement and Commercial Real Estate Investing. Be the best you that you can be and develop your intentions to the results you want. The success vehicle and model used here will make you a successful Commercial Real Estate Investor. The right mindset and the right teachings takes you on your right path. One on One coaching is available for success with an income producing property you own. More

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About Jeff Dunn

Jeff Dunn currently is the CEO of GTLEG and is the President and CEO of “Be A Star Mall” as well as the Executive Producer of “Be A Star World.” Mr. Dunn’s interest in the entertainment industry stemmed from his experience working as a musician with numerous bands, such as Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, and Toni Braxton. He is a Singer/Songwriter, Lead Guitarist, and plays Drums and Percussions, Keyboards. The TV Show “Be A Star World” in which he is the creator and Executive Producer of, he has written the entire opening night score and the main “Be A Star World” theme song.

In addition Mr. Dunn possesses nearly forty years of experience in commercial real-estate investing and development. He has been solely responsible for financing, improvements, and success of various properties. Mr. Dunn’s resourcefulness and managerial skills has led to stabilizing and increasing properties values. His forty years of business has shaped his marketing, management, and investment abilities.

Mr. Dunn is the author and coach of the book/course "How To Invest In Yourself For A Great ROI! He has a passion and deep commitment to helping others to succeed. He has vast knowledge and experience in real estate as a former real estate broker in which he was already investing in properties. He also was a mortgage broker as well. He started investing over 39 years ago all the while working as a realtor then becoming a broker and mortgage broker. He worked diligently to help his clients to obtain their properties they bought including helping them to acquire the necessary loans to purchase. He created win-win situations for all parties involved. His vast experience has culminated into a very successful career in real estate investing and teaching others to do the same. It is of somewhat a small summary of his experience. But he chooses to serve his students and says it is not about him, but it is about them and helping to be successful and living their dreams.

His success he attributes to all the years of study and implementation of self improvement and developing what he calls a purposely acting mindset. The recognition and thorough understanding of the law of attraction is part of this success. His passion is to help others in need and is determined to help end poverty and homelessness. Making a difference in the world is done one step at a time. This is what Mr. Dunn says and adheres to. He remains active in the entertainment industry and commercial real estate investing. His current project is a planned development known as Be A Star Mall and Be A Star Mall Luxury Residences.

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