Shattered, Shattered People, and Shattered Future: The Congolese Situation

This book is about reminding Congolese politicians of the need to heal the mind of the nation and in informing our people that, in general, Leucoderm people are the root of all our problems. The solution to the Congolese situation is a collective catharsis and the building of a platform where Black people will have to create the wealth for their people. More

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About Basona Bankoy-Bongo Lokondo

Basona Lokondo was born out of an illegitimate relationship and raised in a very challenging environment where he has not always been welcome.

Although dysfunctionalities has been part of his growing space, they have not corroded very much his soul; instead, they have helped him a lot to build his character and his rebellious vision to erect a society where equality, fairness, protection of the weakest, and inner betterment are going to be the foundation.

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