Seven Deadly Stories

This is a series of flash stories where each of the main characters are based off of The Seven Deadly Sins from the Christian mythos. Each of the stories are based on a piece of each of their lives and how they interact with others in their daily life. As well as a love story may blossom in one of them. More
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Words: 3,190
Language: English
About Jackson Osborn

My name is Jack Osborn. I’m a creative freelance writer with a preference for Historical drama’s and Supernatural epics. I am still in College but once I graduate I plan to go to get my Master’s for Directing for the stage; but plan to write on the side. Though I have not published any books. I have one published and performed play as well as a screenplay in the works titled Sins and Saviors as well as a few plays here and there that will be published soon. Though I don’t have much to say in life I know I that all will work out in the end. I love everything comic book and theatre. I hope to live the rest of my life on the stage and see at least one person love my writing.

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