A Life for God: A Rabbi’s Analysis of Life, the Cross, and Eternity

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Come, let Messianic Rabbi Greg Hershberg open the Torah and give you glimpses of the incredible love and character of our God. Let him point you to the Savior through the offerings of Leviticus and the mournful lament of Psalm 22. Let him guide you through the greatest commandment as you learn to say "no" to yourself, pick up your execution-stake, and follow the great I AM. More
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About Rabbi Greg Hershberg

Rabbi Greg Hershberg was born in New York City and raised in Orthodox Judaism. He graduated Pace University, Magna Cum Laude and later owned and operated an executive search firm in New York City, specializing in banking and finance. In 1989, he married Bernadette and while on his honeymoon in Israel had a visitation from the Lord that turned his heart to serving God.

In 1992, Rabbi Greg became involved in the Messianic Jewish Movement and was ordained through the International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS). He became the leader of Beth Judah Messianic Congregation. In 2002, the Lord moved Rabbi Greg and his family to Macon, Georgia, to lead Congregation Beth Yeshua.

The ministry went global in 2010 and Congregation Beth Yeshua became Beth Yeshua International (BYI). What was a local storefront congregation became an international ministry/training center in Macon, Georgia, with congregations and schools in India, Kenya, Australia, Germany, Israel, and across America. In addition, Rabbi Greg's messages are live-streamed throughout the world.

Rabbi Greg currently resides in Macon, Georgia, with his wife, Bernadette, and their four children. More about Rabbi Greg can be found in his autobiography, From The Projects To The Palace.

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nathan hannah reviewed on on June 12, 2018

... forgot to mention.
its a good book. 5 stars!
thank Rabbi Greg
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nathan hannah reviewed on on June 12, 2018
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being a pastor’s son ( ha! son of a preacher man makes no paths clearer or easier) and still not fully convinced, all the bible made full balanced sence... even worse, i thought it was contradictory. “christians” preached in all the 37+ churches i sat in that the Jews turned on Yeshua, crucified Him and blew it for all! now its up to us gentiles to right the wrong.
i was brainwashed in the western church over and over, even from good people i love “Jesus Christ nailed the Torah to the cross” ¿! this never made sense to me. just didnt gel to me.
from a child to adulthood i heard the same-same over and over - spoken by my “ righteous” grandfather - to big time preachers, but still none filled that confused void i had for more understanding and knowledge.
so, went my own way.
carved my own path.
that didnt gonto well though.
it wasnt until i went through some horrific heavy life altering situations as a young adult that i turned back to our Father and creator. the bible and prayer and truly acknowledging Christ blood has saved me.
the ultimate sacrifice.
but...still, yes a big but, what the heck is up with Jesus the jew and the old testament and the torah!
i was back at that frustrating place again.
sure being “saved” and accepting the truth - that our true Messiah is Jesus of the new testament, and acceptance of His gospel message - is actually pretty easy.
it really is mate, especially after years of wandering and searching.
but for me, i was still confused about this Jewish Jesus, the torah and His people...
i was actually getting frustrated with the bible. and with dumbarse puppet, pentacostal hypocrites, and new age style christians saying and doing the same thing. ignoring the most fundamental part, Adonai, our Father gave His people to follow on earth -
the Torah and Jesus the Jew.
and why is all i have been taught by this dominating, western christian virus not balanced with Jesus the Jew and the Torah He perfectly lived by... sin free.

so, with all that said, here i am, a year after i find these minority of freaks called Messianic Jews and their loyal /beautifully crazy and adventurous Gentile followers on instagram and the interweb.
next minute... im going to Israel and touring with Rabbi Greg through the Holy Lands listening to his God given teachings. what a trip! in every way!

my point is...mate,
this book,
Rabbi Greg and his teachings i soaked up for 10 days in Israel - its all connected the dots for me.
he’s filled in the gaps.
it makes sense now.
the mystery has been scooby-doo’d for me.
im no longer frustrated with the bible. ( im still angry at christians though - but love wins)
i needed this. i needed a jewish rabbi ( and of all, an american rabbi...wow, anyone that knows me knows that i would never event dreamt of getting on a tour bus with A American, let alone many...
and their rabbi.
to break this all down for me.
changed and humble i stand.

so here’s the simple break down ( save yourself somentime and get your around this - then re read the bible)
Yeshua was/ is a Torah honouring Jew.
“king of the jews” was the sign they gave Him while hung on the cross - i never understood that before - but now, thats to Rabbi, i get it.
its really simple man, Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah
is coming back as he left . . . a Jew!
(review of free book)

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