Dances With Women

Satirical comedy about the amusing adventures of a notorious womaniser unexpectedly confronted by mid-life crisis and his ensuing quest for the one woman who didn't seem to exist.
Despite the mature age of 55, Benedict von Karbroich was a regular Peter Pan. At least, concerning his behaviour in private. His professional life, he admittedly approached with a bit more seriousness, as such was ... More
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July 31, 2019
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About Ani Corné

Born 1960 in Germany
Lived in the United States, England and in Italy - since 2013, back in Germany
Founder and Chief Editor of Online Writers Against War (2002-2005)
Freelance writer for the English magazine Underground Focus in London until 2006
Websites: "Anis Ecke - Ani's Corner", with new articles, Ed-Ops on current affairs, archived articles, new books, work in progress (bi-lingual, German and English) and brand-new personal blog "Simply Ani"
Likes: People with humour, animals - especially cats, Jazz, Italian cuisine, Italian wines, Italians
Dislikes: Grumpy people, pessimists, intolerance, arrogance, heavy metal music, drizzle rain, mediocrity

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