Return to Little Russia

“Return to Little Russia” is an international, mystery thriller inspired by true events that takes readers on a suspense-filled journey from Helsinki, Finland to the ethnic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx in New York City, and drags them into the murky world of spies, immigration, and corruption during the late 1990s. More
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About Seth Chanowitz

See blog: (You can read Mr. Chanowitz's Helsingin Sanomat interview, past journalistic articles, his White House and Congressional experience, and experiences in Finland at the website/blog)

Mr. Chanowitz is the author of the internationally selling spy thriller novel, "Russia Rising", which is available on Amazon and was featured in Finland's largest newspaper "Helsingin Sanomat." His novels are also stocked in libraries in the United States and throughout Finland. He is a former intelligence analyst and journalist, who has worked at the Terrorist Threat Integration Center and the National Counter Terrorism Center. As an analyst, Mr. Chanowitz authored numerous analytical assessments for policy makers within the United States government.

Mr Chanowitz also authored numerous feature articles for“Monitoring Times Magazine” and “Satellite Times Magazine” relating to international radio and satellite broadcasting issues. For two years, he wrote and produced radio commercials for Senatorial and Congressional campaigns in Washington DC for a congressional committee. He also possess a decade of experience working for the United States government through out the US and in 14 countries in Africa and Eastern/Western Europe. His books have been spotlighted in and Finland's newspaper Helsinkin Sanomat.

Mr. Chanowitz lives in the United States and Nordic countries, where he engages in consulting and authoring spy-related thriller novels. He has lived and worked in Helsinki, Finland. He has also worked for the United States government in refugee camps in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, and at United States Consulates and Embassies in Russia, Germany, and Serbia. He has completed 40 marathons, half-marathons, and ten-milers in the United States, Kenya, and the Nordic Countries. He speaks with degrees of fluency in Spanish, Finnish, Hebrew, and Russian.

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