A letter from Eve

A Letter From Eve is The Inspirationalist's perspective on what happened in the garden of Eden, through the eyes of the "Mother of all Creation"...Eve. As a Life and Love Coach, I have found that enhancing the way one interprets their experiences, (#PerspectiveRehab), provokes confidence, restores hope, and faith in their growth process, which I call...LIFE. More

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About Aqueela Maddox

The Inspirationalist aka Hustle Woman, is an international speaker and coach. She inspires men and women all over the world to GROW through their struggles, by way of #PerspectiveRehab. She inspires individuals to maximize their life, by fostering confidence; and endurance in marriages, by cultivating healthy relationships. She believes that A Successful career/business is merely a byproduct of the way you steward your struggles and your relationships. She believes that "We ain't got all day!"...and that time is a resource that we should use wisely, thus inspiring you to "Focus on Purpose" NOW!

She's the eldest of eight children, raised by parents, Betty and Wilbert, the pillars of her life. Born in Kansas City, Mo and eventually her family migrated to Minneapolis, MN, where she spent a good portion of her life. She is a proud mother of 2 beautiful children. She believes that, “Love Restoration”, is part of, if not all, of her purpose in life.

Mantras: "Chill. #GodIsPerfect".
"The Joy of the Lord is My Strength, so the obstacles of Life, won't be my Kryptonite."
"I want you to be so good at being you, that others want to steal your identity! #BeInspirational"

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