At the age of six, Lillian's life is forever changed when the Dark Ones take over the world. Families are divided and scattered across the world as they're relocated to their proper place depicted by the King. Adolescents are placed in boarding schools where they're taught a curriculum orchestrated by the King. While her friends seem to be content merely surviving, Lillian wants more.
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November 29, 2018
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Language: English
ISBN: 9781370519149
About R.J. Abell

R.J. Abell grew up in a small place, the type of small place where nothing big happens. Growing up in a place like that can get a girl in a lot of trouble, so she did the only thing a small town girl with a wild imagination could do. She read quickly and quietly anything that held her captive, until one day she decided she wanted to tell her own stories, stories that made people fall in love and dream dreams that are larger than life. You can contact RJ at:, or on facebook. Be on the look out for My Kind of Wild (Wild 2), the sequel to The Wildest Kind of Pretty.

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